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Edinburgh Fermentarium was founded by Ruth Munro in 2017. When Ruth started eating fermented foods her health changed for the better. After years of cutting various things out of her diet, from gluten to dairy and much more, she found that adding fermented food and drinks to a healthy balanced diet put her system back in balance and so she wanted to share this amazing traditional food with everyone! “It all started I went on a course learning how to make Korean kimchi. I then began making ferments for myself and for friends, and it progressed into the small business that it is today. After being made redundant from my fashion design job, life coach Caroline Kirk helped

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Primary Location

  • 3 Queen Charlotte Ln
  • Edinburgh
  • United Kigdom
  • EH66AY

All Locations

  • 37 Broughton St, Edinburgh
  • 15 Colinton Rd, Edinburgh
  • 46A Horsemarket, Kelso
  • The Night Market,, Edinburgh
  • Leith Pilates, Edinburgh
  • 3 Restalrig Rd, Edinburgh
  • 8 Brougham St, Edinburgh
  • 3 Queen Charlotte Ln, Edinburgh