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About The Natural Wellbeing Academy

- Accredited Practitioner Qualifications & Online Training,
- The Complementary Medical Association (CMA) Approved Training School
- 1-1 Healing, Group Workshops
- Multi-Dimensional Living
- Founded in 2014
- Practicing meditation since 1986

Find relief from:

*anxiety, *depression, *tiredness, *energy draining and *energy leakage, *overwhelm, *inner child issues, *trauma, *low self-esteem, *limiting beliefs, *conditioning & patterns, *ancestral trauma, *psychic attack, *Implants, *entities and *attachments, *energetic imbalances: *mental, *physical, *emotional and *spiritual imbalances, *addictions, *toxic relationships, *asthma and *respiratory ailments

How it works

πŸ’Ž non-invasive
πŸ’Ž natural
πŸ’Ž self-paced
πŸ’Ž with integrity
πŸ’Ž empowering
πŸ’Ž heart based
πŸ’Ž life-skills and self awareness toolkit
πŸ’Ž heals the 'seed' of the issue, not papering over the cracks

Our Formula to Wellbeing, over decades of experience is:

*integrity: to fearlessly live the authentic truth of who you are
*empowerment: expanding your truthful integrity & creating your life your way, which offers breathing space for others to find their unique way
*growth: Fruitful experiences as we embody these practices

Mind, Body & Soul

We work with the 'Spirit' of the person, aiding conscious, heart-based living; making life more meaningful and fulfilling. By going to the 'seed' of the issue, not papering over the cracks for it to appear somewhere else in the future this methodology helps people understand and heal themselves in a compassionate manner.

About Your Guide:

Lynda offers an Integrated Approach, treating the whole person in a holistic manner

  • Energy Healer Practitioner and Teacher Trainer
  • Crystal HealerΒ 
  • Healing Diets CoachΒ 
  • Yoga Siromani
  • Reflexologist
  • practicing Transcendental Meditation (T.M) since 1986

Spiritually she works as an empath, channel, psychic, is a Lemurian elder, works with Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, Galactic Beings, works with Lady Gaia, Stone Circles, ancient monuments and any other landmarks which connect with her. Alongside online courses and Teacher Training Lynda launched a pioneering Healing Centre in 2014 which housed a plethora of therapists and the City's first vegan cafe. Β 

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Primary Location

  • Kinross
  • Kinross, Perthshire
  • United Kingdom
  • KY13 8UA