Finding your Inner Light

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Finding your Inner Light


This course provides you with shamanically infused exercises and tools to help you to find and reconnect with your inner light, your internal power. Starting on a spiritual path is about getting to know who you really are and what makes you happy. 

You will listen to shamanic meditation journeys, perform a ritual, gain power animal support and transform into the new you! 

With this course comes a downloadable personal journal to work through.

The subjects covered are:

  1. Welcome
  2. Open Yourself Up (audio) - connecting with your spirit guide
  3. Silence is Golden - settling into the tasks
  4. Empower and Forgive (audio) -to forgive is to empower
  5. One Step at a Time - finding the solutions
  6. Journeying with Eagle (audio) - rising above
  7. Time for a Ritual - become grounded and present
  8. Rebirth (audio) - time for renewal
  9. Sharing your journey - to the inner light!


  • On-Demand Course

  • Beginner level

Course Content

Section 1
  1. Welcome!
  2. Meet your Guide
  3. Silence is Golden
  4. Empower and Forgive
  5. One Step at a Time
  6. A Journey with Eagle
  7. Time for a Ritual
  8. Rebirth
  9. Sharing

About Love2Meditate


I am a Shaman Alchemist based in Hampshire.

I believe that when you listen to your inner guidance and follow your soul's purpose, even though it may be the hardest thing you have to go through at the time, doors do open, opportunities do arise and you are always looked after by the Universe in every way and even beyond that which we know as our 'reality' - as long as you trust in the process... That's the key 'trust' that you are supported by the Universe.

I am seeing so many people who have 'fragmented' souls, losing a small part of themselves each time they go through a trauma. Some have unknowingly carried over traumas from past lives and some are not fully here as they are sharing a parallel life simultaneously which if not in balance can drain their energy reservoir...

Hmmmm, yeah it's pretty out there!

I tap into my past life soul wisdom to bring in alchemical changes - to balance vibrational energies.

I know that it is my calling to support others with their spiritual development. I hold shamanic alchemy sessionsworkshopscoursesretreats and I have now created an online support system in the form of a magazine - Alchemical Voice. it is a pathway of virtual support for those who don't have anyone else to talk to about their experiences. Digital copies are absolutely free!

Furthermore, the Universe has guided me into creating online meditations which are shamanically infused and include my healing shamanic drumming. These meditations have helped to heal myself as I work on writing them for others. Once completed they are tested by a Kinesiologist to ensure there is powerful transformational vibrations embedded in each one. They are all tested using the Levels of Consciousness (read my blog to know more about LoC).

Always striving to be the best I can, I will continue my sacred work, expand my knowledge and use the tools I have, to show you how you can help yourself.

Be grateful for the past, be grateful for the present and confidently (with power) walk into your future knowing that the Universe has your back.

You just need to believe, trust and love yourself. You do need to put in some work too :)

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