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This workshop will focus on important Pranayama's, Hatha Yoga asanas practice and asanas alignment.

Yoga is falling in Love with yourself again & again

Missing from modern lives is the essential balance and alignment, which causes life style diseases like hypertension, diabetes, anxiety, insomnia, nervous breakdown & the list goes on. We, at Chetna Holistic, make sure that with the combination of differents techniques you regain that essential alignment and put a positive step forward by learning the basic balancing, stretching and life style changes with an inner eye opening to understand yourself better and start flowing with your inner flow.

This class is open to everyone, from beginners to advanced.

We will practice some deep pranayama’s which will increase the oxygen level in the body, detoxify and rejuvenate by refilling yourself with fresh life force.

We will practice asanas with the right alignment to get more benefits and avoid injuries.

My goal is to provide the best instructions and support so that you can know better about your body and acknowledge your sensations.

This will make you become aware of your inner power and help you feel connected to yourself.

At the end of this wonderful workshop, you will feel happier, lighter, balanced and ready to start a great day!

Benefits Of Pranayamas (Breathing Techniques)

°Enhances the quantity and quality of life force

°Clears blocked energy channels

°Harmonizes the body, mind and spirit

°Boosts the immune system

°Rejuvenates the body and mind

°Slows down the ageing process

Health Benefits of Yoga in Daily Life:

°All-round fitness

°Weight loss

°Stress relief

°Inner peace

°Improved immunity

°Living with greater awareness

°Better relationships

°Increased energy

°Better flexibility & posture

°Better intuition

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About Chetna Holistic

Chetna Holistic
Chetna Holistic

I have been actively engaged in self healing, therapies , yoga and related researches for the past ten years, to become an holistic therapist and yoga teacher.

 Today my goal is to support others in their journey, through the help of different techniques according to their needs, while adapting my knowledge to suit and what I feel is the best for my clients.

I discovered yoga in 2013 and practiced intensely with an amazing teacher from India in Kerala. I realised at that moment that yoga could offer a real balance to the mind, body and soul.  The pain in my body was gone, I felt emotionally balanced and happy.

 I then decided to go to India to pass my 200Hours in the beautiful mountain of Himalaya. I lived six months in the yoga school assisting my teacher during classes and deepening my knowledge. Two years later, I travelled back to India in Rishikesh and studied my 300Hours teacher training while gaining considerable knowledge of Pranayamas and Kriyas.

The knowledge I share today comes from India, the root of Yoga. Every class I teach, people will reconnect with themselves more and more, leading to the rebalance of their inner space, mind, body and soul.

Yoga it is also a state of mind, along with the practice of pranayama & meditation it can become a way of living.

This is what I can offer to every class & student for the betterment of themselves.

My classes receive high praise as people find themselves connecting to their body and their breath. I offer an opportunity to really discover yoga and its benefits in day-to-day life.

People tend to feel taller, more present, happier, more relaxed, more confident; the benefits are endless.

I have a deep knowledge on pranayama, asanas and their benefits, meditation, yoga nidra, yoga philosophy, yin yoga, restorative yoga, ashtanga vinyasa yoga and looking forward to completing a training yoga for pregnancy soon.

“Yoga is falling in Love with yourself again & again”



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