Crystal Healer Practitioner Training - Lesson 1 of 6

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Crystal Healer Practitioner Training - Lesson 1 of 6
Crystal Healer Practitioner Training - Lesson 1 of 6
Crystal Healer Practitioner Training - Lesson 1 of 6
Crystal Healer Practitioner Training - Lesson 1 of 6
Crystal Healer Practitioner Training - Lesson 1 of 6
Crystal Healer Practitioner Training - Lesson 1 of 6


Suitable if you wish to:

  • know and understand energy, frequency & vibration
  • navigate paradigm shifts safely
  • deepen your personal knowledge of crystals and crystalline living
  • heal yourself (and others) at a deeper level
  • raise your vibration towards health, vitality and wellbeing
  • start a new career in Crystal Healing and Complementary Therapies,
  • add to your Holistic Services skills

Enjoy an in-depth, experiential course opening you up to the Inspiring and Deeply Transformational world of Crystalline Frequencies gaining a Professional Qualification as a Crystal Healer Practitioner.

  • Befriend and nurture these 'treasures of Mother Earth' as your friends, confidantes, healers, allies and aides into the New World Frequencies we are now living in. 
  • Learn and use Crystal Wisdom to heal yourself and others. 
  • Learn and access natural non-invasive healing. 
  • Understand and live in harmonic vibrations. 
  • Continually upgrade your skills.
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What you will learn:

💎Connect to crystal skills, insight, techniques and technologies

💎Crystal grids, pendulums, chakra healing

💎How to care for and clean crystals safely

💎Develop your own crystal connections and distance healing

💎Knowledge to heal yourself and others using crystals

💎Skills to navigate ascension and energetic upgrades/ 3D & 5D

💎Experiential Practice with crystals, crystal tools, chakra balancing and energy healing

💎2 x Crystal Activations, 2 x Energy Cleansing

💎Kundalini energy, Nadis & Prana

💎Navigate energy and quickly clean imbalances

💎Select your core crystal 'set' for personal and professional use

💎Theory and study of future crystalline energies

💎Business Skills, Training, Setting up a Practice and Ethics

💎ongoing support

💎6 month's course with assignments submitted for each module 

💎Complementary Medicine Association Accredited

How it's done:

  • 6 month course of tutorial videos, notes, experiential learning, crystal meditations, crystal activations and resources. 
  • Modules 1, 2 and 3 are important groundwork strengthening your reading & understanding of energy in yourself and clients, for any client issues in the ascension/paradigm shift; keeping your energy strong whilst both yourself and your environment changes. Crucial foundations and an introduction to working with crystalline energy.  
  • Modules 4, 5 and 6 are working with the crystals directly, cleansing activations, running a business, ethics and integrity
  • Each month there are Assignments helping to track progress and embody learning.
  • Experiential healing and transformational course; you heal as you learn to heal others
Your Guide

With decades of crystal experience, channelling and connections your guide Lynda has activated Crystals around the globe, shares crystalline energy supporting others into higher frequencies, healthier living and vocational career paths.  

Lynda is familiar with transitioning towards crystalline energetic healing frequencies, awakening 'sleeping' crystals and healing herself, others and Mother Earth.  

In 2014 Lynda founded and ran a pioneering Healing Centre and Crystal Shop in Scotland helping thousands of clients through energetic shifts. She's also a Lemurian Elder, Crystal Healer, Energy Healer, Healing Diets Coach, Yoga Siromani, Reflexologist and has been meditating since 1986.


  • On-Demand Course

  • All levels

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I need more time to complete the 6 month course?

    This is a 6 months course. Each module takes approximately 1 month. Study at a pace that feels comfortable for you, ensuring you comprehend and absorb the teachings rather than 'chase' towards the course deadlines too quickly. 

    You have one year to complete the course otherwise you will forfeit the course and have to re-apply including pay again. 

  • Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

    No, tickets are non-transferrable to another person. 
    You can carry the cost forward to another event or course 

  • My circumstances have changed. Do you refund online course content ?

    Courses with Online Content
    Due to the nature of online course content we don't offer refunds. This is because after payment you have access to all the course content online to read or download. We can't 'un-send' this information so you will have received the course content.

    Attendance Courses Online

    If this is a course where no online content has been shared or is available to be downloaded as part of the Course then yes, we can refund. You will only be refunded unused parts of the course minus fees 

Course Content

Section 1
    1. Crystal History, Background & Energetics
    1. Crystals in History
    2. Crystals in and around us
    3. Dr Emoto & Rice Bowls
    4. Our participation, energetically
    5. Your cup: Connection & Disconnection
    6. 1.2 Crystals: Teaching, Type & Temperament
    7. 1.2 Hybrid, Modified & Fake !
    8. 1.0 Assignments
    9. Resources
    2. Energy, Ascension & Crystal Consciousness
      3. Chakras, Nadis, Prana & Kundalini
        4.0 Connecting with Crystals
          5.0 Working with Crystals
            6.0 Business & Ethics

              About The Natural Wellbeing Academy

              The Natural Wellbeing Academy
              The Natural Wellbeing Academy
              Kinross, Perthshire

              - Accredited Practitioner Qualifications & Online Training,
              - The Complementary Medical Association (CMA) Approved Training School
              - 1-1 Healing, Group Workshops
              - Multi-Dimensional Living
              - Founded in 2014
              - Practicing meditation since 1986

              Find relief from:

              *anxiety, *depression, *tiredness, *energy draining and *energy leakage, *overwhelm, *inner child issues, *trauma, *low self-esteem, *limiting beliefs, *conditioning & patterns, *ancestral trauma, *psychic attack, *Implants, *entities and *attachments, *energetic imbalances: *mental, *physical, *emotional and *spiritual imbalances, *addictions, *toxic relationships, *asthma and *respiratory ailments

              How it works

              💎 non-invasive
              💎 natural
              💎 self-paced
              💎 with integrity
              💎 empowering
              💎 heart based
              💎 life-skills and self awareness toolkit
              💎 heals the 'seed' of the issue, not papering over the cracks

              Our Formula to Wellbeing, over decades of experience is:

              *integrity: to fearlessly live the authentic truth of who you are
              *empowerment: expanding your truthful integrity & creating your life your way, which offers breathing space for others to find their unique way
              *growth: Fruitful experiences as we embody these practices

              Mind, Body & Soul

              We work with the 'Spirit' of the person, aiding conscious, heart-based living; making life more meaningful and fulfilling. By going to the 'seed' of the issue, not papering over the cracks for it to appear somewhere else in the future this methodology helps people understand and heal themselves in a compassionate manner.

              About Your Guide:

              Lynda offers an Integrated Approach, treating the whole person in a holistic manner

              • Energy Healer Practitioner and Teacher Trainer
              • Crystal Healer 
              • Healing Diets Coach 
              • Yoga Siromani
              • Reflexologist
              • practicing Transcendental Meditation (T.M) since 1986

              Spiritually she works as an empath, channel, psychic, is a Lemurian elder, works with Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, Galactic Beings, works with Lady Gaia, Stone Circles, ancient monuments and any other landmarks which connect with her. Alongside online courses and Teacher Training Lynda launched a pioneering Healing Centre in 2014 which housed a plethora of therapists and the City's first vegan cafe.  

              Read more about The Natural Wellbeing Academy