5 x 1-1 Women's Voice Medicine Programme (Online Open Bookings)

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5 x 1-1 Women's Voice Medicine Programme (Online Open Bookings)


5 x 1-1 Women's Voice Medicine Programme (Online)

The Journey to Vocal Freedom

"Our Voices are like seeds, they can sit dormant until the right conditions present themselves, and when this occurs they come bursting out full bloom!"

These sessions are designed as a ritual. We have a consultation at first to determine what to energetically work on and to set intentions. I then guide you through your own Voice Empowerment Journey, we use meditation, affirmations, embodied movement, breathwork and playful sounding to support your journey to a fuller, confident and expressive voice. 

Things I can support you with:
  • Learning how to trust your Voice
  • How to feel more confident in your own self expression
  • Finding creativity in your flow
  • Understanding how to use your voice for healing
  • How to work with both the Shakti and Shiva energies in sound
  • Finding love for your own authentic Voice and Sound

During the 5 week journey, we will drop into a new exploration each week:
  • Week 1: Voice Play - Activating the Inner Child
  • Week 2: Voice Power - Learning how to expand your sound
  • Week 3: Voice and Emotion - Explore how to transmute your emotion into embodied sound
  • Week 4: Voice and Vibration - Using chanting and Bija Mantras
  • Week 5 : Voice and Words - Creating your own Medicine Songs

If you are a practising sound healer, we can also work on how you can open your voice as a healing tool to support your sound healing mod

This 5 week 1-1 Voice Medicine Coaching Programme costs £250 (Booking fees apply)(Normally £350)

The sessions can be booked weekly as per your schedule and will be tailored to your individual needs.  

"The journey to vocal freedom is a beautiful one, and is becoming more important for us women as the Feminine energies continue to rise."

If you are feeling ready to uncover your True Feminine Intuition through sacred sound, then I would be honoured to support you. 

Warmest Wishes from Saraswati Vanisha @ Sing for Your Soul


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  • All levels

About Sing for Your Soul

Sing for Your Soul
Sing for Your Soul

Sing for your Soul is an initiative set up to help spread the benefits of music and voice work to inspire people to find the power of their own voice. It is founded by Saraswati Vanisha Mistry, a London born, Bristol Based creative. Sing for Your Soul offers embodied voice training, 1-1 voice coaching, voice healing ceremonies and circle singing & vocal improv workshops. Every Sing for Your Soul offering connects individuals to their raw, authentic voice by using a range of embodied techniques which journey through movement, meditation, play and breathwork. This is all about Voice Empowerment, to support you in finding the True Voice within.

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