2022 April Activation: Solar Eclipse Portal

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2022 April Activation: Solar Eclipse Portal


This powerful Solar Eclipse enhances your connection with your team of light. Receive the ultimate upgrades of this cosmic portal and boost your energies.

In this Activation, you align with the solar consciousness, Galactics & various Ascension Masters activating your DNA with codes from deep within space bringing new abilities, skills, and ancient memories to life.

In the Light Language Transmission, you will receive an abundance of cosmic light codes, direct guidance from your Highest Self and team, together with nourishing healing energies to support your Ascension journey.

You will receive 

  • Activation of your power & ancient mastery codes (Lemurian template of love & healing)
  • Clearing of all your chakras + Light Body Activation
  • Increase of your psychic abilities
  • Guidance from your Higher Self & team 
  • DNA activations and cosmic upgrades
  • Ascension updates & time to ask your burning questions


For all participants

You can either join live or enjoy the replay at a convenient time for you. The audio and video files will be sent out after the event to dive into activations anytime.

Find your time zone

07.00 AM – HI | 11.00 AM – MST | 01.00 PM – EST | 06.00 PM – BST | 07.00 PM – CEST



  • Delivered Online

  • All levels

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I receive all the benefits from the activations when I can’t attend live?

    Yes, the energies during the call are multidimensionally encoded, and therefore all the activations are taking place anytime you watch the reply.

    So you will receive the maximum benefit every time you watch it or listen to the activation. 

  • When will I receive the replays and how?

    Usually, you receive access to the replays within an hour after the finish of the event, as soon as all files are uploaded. 

    You get an email with all information on how to access and download the replays for your convenience. 

  • When and how often should I do the meditation/activation?

    I recommend you listen/watch the activation anytime you feel called to do so. In case you might have fallen asleep while listening to it the first time you can re-listen to it on the same day. 

    If you feel tired afterward I would give it a couple of days to allow the energies to integrate first before listening again. 

  • Feeling tired and needing extra rest afterwards..is that normal?

    The activations are deeply encoded and your body can respond with a desire to rest in order to integrate all the shifts, and information to release the outdated energies. This is a natural reaction - so sleeping is the body's way to quickly integrate and ‘work through the shifts’. 

    It can take up to 48 hours for the full integration to take place - it takes time to allow for these shifts to occur and each person/ body can respond slightly differently.

    Your tiredness is a sign that you have received these energies and are now processing them accordingly.

    You may also feel emotions rising to the surface - just allow them to be present, feel into it and know it is part of the release. 

    Keeping well hydrated before and after the activations is highly supportive.

  • I fell asleep during the activation - why and did I still receive it? Shall I listen again?

    It is a natural reaction to fall asleep during the meditation - it's your body's way to respond to the energies in order to allow all shifts to occur - without your conscious mind interfering. 

    Once you have adjusted to the energies usually the second time you listen you are able to 'stay awake' and consciously experience the guided journey. 

    Trust your body wisdom as and when you would like to enjoy the activations. You always receive the energetic benefits if you are awake or asleep. Sometimes the shifts taking place are much deeper when we are in a dream state. 

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