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StepbyStep.guru is the training arm of Easypeasy Ltd. EasyPeasy Ltd is a training and change management consultancy. Training and Learning are at the heart of change. As Buddha says “To learn is to change” Our aim is to simplify things and make things easy, be it in helping you transforming your business by upgrading your processes, developing a competitive business model or upskilling your people. We take a holistic and end to end approach to training and firmly believe that what is easy gets done. By taking an approach that takes the complexity out of learning and breaking it down into an easy step by step process we are able to take complex topics such as persuasive design and design thinking and look at them in depth without letting our students be overwhelmed with the wealth of information in our courses. We design our courses to make them easy to learn b carefully choosing the environment, the group (peer to peer, buddy system and workshop/group learning), the information and putting it all together with a focus on learning by doing and interacting, everything is built in a way that the information is easy to learn and remember.

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