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Are you a teacher that has struggled with or is looking for behaviour support tools that actually work?

There is no doubt that supporting children with their behaviour is challenging. This can be the case for new teachers and those that are more experienced. 

There are so many behaviour systems out there that promise to change behaviour but unfortunately, they don't build long-lasting relationships and trust.

I have been teaching at a challenging inner-city school for the past 6 years and have built a solid understanding of these environments. I have come across a whole range of behaviours I now run an alternative provision setting in a mainstream school as well as managing the SEMH needs of the school.

In my training school, you can expect to receive high-level coaching that takes you on a journey on improving your understanding and implementation of behaviour support tools that actually work long term. I believe in a coaching model that provides evidence-based approaches without telling you what to do. This provides you with the freedom to adapt and improve approaches based on the needs of the children in your care. 

In my Behaviour and Inclusion Training School you can expect content on the following areas:

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