Bravery & Womanhood

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Bravery & Womanhood


In 2020, whilst fat, funny and forty-sob-sob-sob-something-years-old, Person Irresponsible, academic and author, walked from Mexico to Canada. Alone. For reasons she's still not certain about.

Along the way, and very much after, she learnt a ton of stuff about fear and womanhood: stuff she wished she'd known about by the time she'd turned four – the age she commenced her initial journey into anxiety.

Topics include:
- Why are women twice as likely to have fears than men?
- Why are women considered 'brave' for doing exactly the same thing as men do?
- Can bravery be taught?
- Why is anxiety so addictive?
- What exactly does one do when faced with a grumpy bear?

All welcome above the age of 16
I’ve been asked to point out men are very welcome! Especially men who are fathers of girls, or teachers/support workers of girls/women

£15 per person (pay on the door) or £12 per person if booking in advance.

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About Person Irresponsible

Person Irresponsible
Person Irresponsible

Female, Masters-educated, Global Educator & Policy Maker and Author who walked solo across America whilst fat, funny and forty-sob-sob-sob-something.  

Now on a mission to help women become knowledgeable of how fear holds them back without them even realising it. Secondly, to raise awareness amongst teachers, parents and coaches of practices that can lead to empowerment and help children enter those areas where women are under-represented: STEM, Sport and Leadership. 

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