Foundations of Success

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Foundations of Success


Are you looking for proven world-class people development solutions to improve performance and productivity in your business?

The LMI Foundations of Success workshop introduces the concepts and practical tools used to help countless individuals within thousands of organisations, of all sizes and complexity in both the public and private sector, realise more of their true potential.

Foundations of Success is integral to our Total Leader concept and shows you how to:

  • establish an effective goal setting system to achieve sustained, consistent success.
  • manage your workload and prioritise effectively to achieve more valuable activities each day.
  • create more time and energy for crucial strategic work that so often gets side-lined by the urgent crisis and daily firefighting.
  • improve internal & external communication

"The LMI Foundations of Success workshop contains essential techniques to improve individual and team effectiveness. It links delivering organisational goals with daily planning and improving the use of team member time. I would not hesitate in recommending this to employers and employees at all levels, as an impactful starting place to improve results!"

Darren Caplan, Chief Executive

Foundations of Success

The LMI UK team have run these workshops with hundreds of managers and leaders across the country in recent years with incredible results and we are delighted to make this offer to every organisation in the UK:

YOUR FIRST TWO PLACES FREE so you can experience first hand the results we help our clients achieve.

We have found this a really positive & friendly way to introduce organisations to our unique leadership and management solutions.

We are business people ourselves, not just trainers or coaches. We lead teams. We deal directly with clients.We know what it's like to handle all these pressures each day and it's the tools from this workshop that we use constantly to keep us on track. Without them we would be a lot less effective and we know some of these things will be super-helpful to people in your organisation too.

There's so much training out there so how do you know what's going to be truly effective?

We know that you'll be familiar with a wide range of training courses...some more effective than others.  You'll be aware that for busy people, after that initial spike of post-course enthusiasm, often the back-at-work routine kicks in, the emails stack up and those new ideas and great intentions can find themselves gathering dust on the shelf (along with the course manual)!

At LMI we understand that completely. We understand how people learn and how long-term changes are made. We use all of our experience from working with thousands of people across six continents to make sure that everything we do is designed to make a lasting impact.

It’s all about results…


Investing precious time and money in training has to make a tangible, bottom-line impact on the business.

"More time... more profits... less stress... greater control... focus... balance... happiness!"

These are just some of the words that our clients have used to describe how things have changed for them as a result of their attending the Foundations of Success Workshop and beginning to work with us. What each person gains from it will be personal to them...but our experience with hundreds of UK leaders, managers, business owners and sales professionals gives us this confidence - they certainly will gain!

We have a huge library of reviews, testimonials and LinkedIn recommendations from previous delegates. Here you can read just a few of these, though if you'd like to see more, just ask!

I have attended numerous course on leadership and I only believe it is time well spent if, I am left with a desire to change and clear ideas as to how I can achieve it. I am delighted to say that this session not only re-ignited my enthusiasm for positive change. But, by looking at concepts and tools through a fresh lens, I have some nice quick wins to implement now, which will keep me on the straight and narrow to achieving both my business and personal goals.

– Suzanne Lewis

I found the ideas shared, as well as the practical planning tools supplied, to be of immense value. My time has become significantly more organised and productive and I can see great value in enrolling others within our company on this same training.

- Cathy Buckley (HR Manager, Alpine Electronics)

I almost cancelled with just a few days to go - how glad I am that I didn't. It was easily the best training I have been on all year. It was packed with information that can be implemented immediately to make a difference to quality and life productivity.

– Brendan Leece

So helpful. An amazing amount of useful tips delivered in such a short time.

– Jane Litchfield (Compliance Manager, The Family Building Society)

This was an amazing experience. Although just initial piece of training, it gave me a lot of insight to my personal management.

– Pavel Merhout (MD,Tymphany Acoustic Technology)

IMPORTANT: This is no exercise in ivory-tower management theory: ideas that sound great in a training room but have no value back in the real world of getting important work done. If you’re interested in making practical steps forward in how you manage yourself and your interaction with others – sometimes it’s the 1% changes that make the difference – this is for you!

The success workshop is all about sharing great ideas and putting practical tools in your hands that will help you and your team be more effective and productive in your work.

By choosing to attend, delegates will be taking an important step towards significant gains in the following key areas:

Personal management


Time Management

Handling interruptions

Decision making

Clarity of purpose

High pay-off activities

Obstacles and roadblocks


Goal setting

Benefits and rewards

Focus and energy


Long range and master goals

Monthly planning process

The daily “ten magic minutes"


Communication styles

Meetings and delegation

Email and social media


Shared goals and priorities

Team meetings and 1-2-1s

Effective workflows

The details

You’ll be wanting to know what’s actually involved when you take the plunge and say YES to starting your journey with LMI UK.

How long?

Workshops last for roughly 2 hours, usually 8.30am – 10.30am.


We use various easy-to-reach venues across the UK - see list below - as well as regular online workshops.


Business owners, managers, sales people, key support staff as well as HR / L&D managers regularly attend.


As well as a course manual, we send you away with a stack of brilliant goals, planning & communication tools in paper & electronic format.


Post-course 1-2-1 follow up is provided to help you implement your plans, familiarise yourself with the tools provided & signpost next steps.


The Foundations of Success Workshop fees are £249 + Vat per person

Current offer: the first two places for each UK organisation are FREE

The cost of £249 + Vat represents fantastic value – we offer a full money-back guarantee on that fee i.e. if anyone attends and feels (for whatever reason) that it’s not been a fantastic investment of their time and money, we’ll refund their entire fee.

LMI UK Director Nick Howes giving the introduction at a live Foundations of Success workshop

Dates, venues and booking

As well as online, we hold the Foundations of Success Workshop in a variety of venues across the UK. Get in touch for upcoming dates in your area.

London / Birmingham / Manchester / Jersey / Peterborough / Glasgow / Leeds / Southampton / Cardiff / Belfast / Exeter / Teeside


We also run these in-house with clients. Contact us to discuss hosting one exclusively for your own staff.

Online Workshops

23rd June

19th July

16th August

14th September

* Offer details: if you are unsure if your organisation has already accessed its complimentary place allocation, please contact us before booking. All additional places will be charged at the full rate of £249 + VAT


Foundations of Success is a CPD Certified Course.


  • Delivered Online

  • 2 hours

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