Bachata Ladies Styling Online Course - Advanced Level

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Bachata Ladies Styling Online Course - Advanced Level


Bachata Ladies Styling Course - Advanced Level

  • The ultimate in complex Ladies Styling
  • Receive all our detailed core techniques to help you learn fast
  • Secrets, hacks, tricks and tips used by the best dancers
  • Step by step guide by Corina - a professionally trained dancer
  • Beautiful styling tips you can add to your repertoire immediately
  • Super smooth routines that will make you shine on the dance floor

Instructor: Corina Wuersch


  • On-Demand Course

  • Advanced level

Course Content

Intro & Trailer
  1. ID-Ladies-Bachata-Vol3-Trailer.mp4
  2. SS-Bachata-Ladies-Vol3- 0 - Introduction.mp4
Recap Routine
  1. SS-Bachata-Ladies-Vol3- 1 - Recap Routine part 1.mp4
  2. SS-Bachata-Ladies-Vol3- 1 - Recap Routine part 2.mp4
Footwork & Spins
  1. SS-Bachata-Ladies-Vol3- 2 - Dominican Basic.mp4
  2. SS-Bachata-Ladies-Vol3- 3 - Kick Ball Change.mp4
  3. SS-Bachata-Ladies-Vol3- 4 - Shuffle Step.mp4
  4. SS-Bachata-Ladies-Vol3- 5 - Spins.mp4
Get Creative & Routine 1
  1. SS-Bachata-Ladies-Vol3- 6 - Get Creative With Your Steps.mp4
  2. SS-Bachata-Ladies-Vol3- 7 - Routine 1.mp4
Step Turns, Bends, Waves & Drops
  1. SS-Bachata-Ladies-Vol3- 8 - Multiple Step Turns.mp4
  2. SS-Bachata-Ladies-Vol3- 9 - Hinge.mp4
  3. SS-Bachata-Ladies-Vol3- 10 - Back Bends.mp4
  4. SS-Bachata-Ladies-Vol3- 11 - Lateral Wave.mp4
  5. SS-Bachata-Ladies-Vol3- 12 - Dramatic Drops.mp4
  6. SS-Bachata-Ladies-Vol3- 13 - Head Roll - Figure 8 version with Hair Flip.mp4
Routine 2 & Epilogue
  1. SS-Bachata-Ladies-Vol3- 14 - Routine 2 - Part 1.mp4
  2. SS-Bachata-Ladies-Vol3- 14d - Routine 2 - Part 2.mp4
  3. SS-Bachata-Ladies-Vol3- 15 - Epilogue.mp4

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