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Circles of adults is a process that ‘listens deeper’ to generate reflective problem solving that can create lasting behaviour change and effective behaviour intervention plans. This is a particularly valuable process for those looking to enhance their leadership and facilitation skills or to build such processes into their school or team approach to complex pupils.

‘The question is not should they be here anymore. Now it’s how can we figure out how best to include them?’

In this practical workshop session we will explore ways of problem solving around complex situations. The session will be practical and will aim to allow the sharing of experiences and good practice as well promoting innovative approaches to problem solving around systemic, organisational as well as individual inclusion issues.

Behaviour problems, relationship challenges and personnel dilemmas can all be worked on with these team oriented problem solving processes.

We will introduce participants to a powerful and effective approach.

The ‘Circles of Adults’ approach addresses the need for a problem solving process that is able to take an in-depth look at meeting the emotional needs that commonly underlie challenging behaviour in schools. The approach is co-facilitated and is designed to enable the participation of teacher teams to reach a deeper understanding of a young person and to evolve a set of hypotheses and emerging strategies that better accommodate to unmet emotional and learning needs. The approach takes at least 90 minutes and is intended for use with the most challenging young people, those at high risk of being permanently excluded from the regular school system.

Learning Objectives

  1. Increased confidence regarding problem solving around inclusion in mainstream settings
  2. Access to a wider range of practical strategies and techniques to impact on communication, realtionship, learning and behaviour issues
  3. Learn new problem solving processes

Course Content

The course answers the questions :

  • How to set up and run a Circle of Adults process
  • How can we work out how to include this child best?
  • How can we understand what lies beneath their behaviour?
  • Is there a more structured way to run this meeting?
  • Can we explore the emotional impact the person is having on us and still agree strategies?
  • How can I get unstuck from this problem?


  • Delivered Online or In-Person

  • Delivered at your location

  • Full day

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this course for?
    • All staff
    • Heads and Deputies
    • SENCOs
    • Advanced Skills Teachers
    • Primary and secondary teachers
    • Parents
    • Local Authority Support Services
    • Early Years and School based Practitioners
  • Who will be running the event?

    We will always provide two fully qualified facilitators. Typically one will be presenting while the other will be producing a graphic of the session, making notes of key quotes and topics. They will have varying backgrounds in educational psychology. For more on who we are and our associates, see our website.

About Inclusive Solutions

Inclusive Solutions
Inclusive Solutions

Psychologists – Community Builders – Trainers – Teachers – Person Centred Planners – Inclusion Facilitators – Innovators – Consultants – Authors – Publishers   Inclusion Visionaries

Colin Newton and Derek Wilson are Co-founders and Directors of Inclusive Solutions. Together they have a combined experience of over 65 years experience as educational psychologists working across the UK.

For 18 years since founding Inclusive Solutions they have offered a range of inspiring inclusion oriented services including casework, person centred planning, innovative training and community building. Previously as Principal and Senior strategic Educational Psychologists in Nottingham City LEA, they bring a wealth of practical, applied solutions and processes from their work with children and young people with exceptional needs aged between 0-19.

Together they have written several books such as: Creating Circles of FriendsCircles of Adults, Restorative Solutions, Keys to Inclusion and Person Centred Planning Together.  Inclusive Solutions  is also a small publishing house and has published a number of books for other leading internationally renouned inclusive authors including: Incurably Human, Taking the TimeSeeing the Charade, Quiet Riot and Dear Parents.

They have planted and built Community Circles in Nottingham, Scotland and Suffolk. They continue to co facilitate Nottingham NG Circle which has been running for over 8 years.

Currently they are providing training nationally and internationally with a wonderful team of associates.

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