Create a Winning Product Strategy That Grows Your Business - MasterClass

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Create a Winning Product Strategy That Grows Your Business - MasterClass
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It may seem counterintuitive, but perfection is your enemy when it comes to shaping your product or service strategy. You may want everything to be perfect before you launch, but if you ever hope to start ringing up sales, you need to ruthlessly focus instead on just those elements of your offering that address the core customer need, and build a vision and a plan for development that tests your concept in the marketplace sooner rather than later. This learning stream offers guidance on how to shape a product or service vision, strategies for developing a minimum viable product, ways to create a roadmap you’ll stick to, and responses to questions about market defensibility. With examples of real companies cited throughout and workshop sessions for tailoring your own product or service strategy, this learning stream equips you with everything you need to build a product or service strategy that puts launch within reach.

You will learn:

  • Why should I think about launch so soon?
  • Why do investors care how I’ll get my offering to market?
  • What elements of my product or service need to be nailed down?
  • How is a product or service vision different from my company vision?
  • How can I define my product or service to emphasize its unique differentiators?
  • What is an MVP, and why should I do it?
  • What ways can I get to an MVP if I’m not ready?
  • What should go on a product roadmap?
  • Why do investors care about defensibility?


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