Build a Compelling Competitive Matrix

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Build a Compelling Competitive Matrix


The competitive matrix is a graphic that highlights your unique strengths vis a vis other players in the space. The visual snapshot is easy for investors to parse — but it’s more than a pretty picture. As you identify your most relevant strengths and how you stack up against competitors, the process of developing a competitive matrix gives you a greater understanding of your market and your business, and a valuable marketing tool. This learning stream will cover how to identify the most relevant strengths to plot on your graph, how to identify and evaluate competitors on the matrix, and how to position your business as a market leader.

You will learn:

  • How can I convince investors my company excels against the competition?
  • Which of my company’s strengths are most important to emphasize?
  • How should I select competitors to include on the matrix?
  • How can I fairly rank my company and my competitors?


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