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A 21st Century School: today and tomorrow Established in 2006 and the only school in Scotland to offer a complete Montessori education for 1-18 years, our Montessori school is in tune with the rhythms of life that unlock intellectual curiosity and boundless imagination. It is a place of place of kindness, diversity and human connection where each student can be their best self. Our Vision Young people as change-makers; educated through responsibility, agency and social purpose. Our Mission To design learning spaces where young people have structure, responsibility, and choice. Guiding students to question, challenge and explore; confidently living in today’s world and embracing the possibilities of tomorrow. Our Values Inclusion, diversity, equality and belonging a culture of respect, creativity, and independence the individuality and potential of every human human beings’ innate desire to learn and create interaction with the natural world and stewardship of the natural environment purposeful activity and meaningful work families engaged in their children’s learning and the school community upholding a scientific and developmental approach to the needs of humans continued personal and professional growth for all staff collaborative work among children, adolescents, and adults education for a just and peaceful world

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  • Edinburgh Montessori Arts School 18N Liberton Brae,
  • Edinburgh
  • Scotland
  • EH16 6AE