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Ben Eayrs is a Karate and wellness fanatic based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He has been following the warrior path ever since stepping into the Dojo at the age of 9 in Aberdeen. Despite growing up overweight, with poor eyesight, skin allergies, mild asthma and once the target of bullying he has followed many paths to be in great health with the determination he has today. Ben’s greatest joy is sharing his 20 years of dedication and experience to the art and practice of Karate. His exerptise has been honed from training in Scotland, Australia, and from it’s ancient origins on the island of Okinawa - where he lived and trained for a year. He believes that none of us should have to confront the biggest threats to our health before old age and by guiding others to change their habits for the better they can live long, happy and healthy lives. As a History graduate who has practiced Karate for most of his life, he applies his skills and techniques into researching the truth behind Okinawa’s renowned Martial Art. His research in nutrition, fitness and the Martial Arts with self-tested methods are valuable and effective. Often, he may not have the answer but is game on finding it!!

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