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The Edinburgh Design School is an independent design school based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded in 2012, we aim to re establish and promote ceramics teaching and practice which has been disappearing from mainstream publicly funded university and college education. We are a Scottish Qualifications Authority Approved Teaching centre dedicated to delivering a high quality learning experience across a range of learning pathways from beginners to intermediate and advanced classes. Bychoosing to study with us you are make a real difference. We an ethical employer, employing expert teacher practioners and suppliers and we pay ethical rates. When you join us you are not only supporting our classes, you are also joining and supporting a vibrant ceramics teaching and practice community. When you study with us you become part of a wider family of practice dedicated to building and promoting learning and teaching ceramics in Scotland. Our ceramics ecosystem includes our learning and teaching programmes, our Ceramic Artists Residency programme, our Business Incubator programme dedicated to supporting emerging potters start and maintain their own studios and our workshop programme aimed at giving proferssional potters access to new techniques and influences. We work with Craft Scotland to facilitate Continued Professional Development (CPD) for school teachers in Scotland in the fields of Ceramics and we work in partnership with the Edinburgh Ceramics Workshop to provide affordable making space for serious hobbyists and emerging ceramicists. If you are interested in studying with us, joining our studio or you just want to find out more about then please send us an e mail. We would love to hear from you.

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  • Abbeymount Studios, 2 Easter Rd
  • Edinburgh
  • United Kingdom
  • EH7 5AN

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  • Abbeymount Studios, 2 Easter Rd, Edinburgh