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Hi, I'm Dave, a fully qualified personal trainer, fitness instructor, sports massage therapist and nutrition specialist. I created Edinburgh Bootcamp in April 2016 when I first moved to Edinburgh with my 2 awesome little boys. Now with almost 3000 classes over the last 5 years, EBC has a strong community of amazing people who support each other every week both online and in the field. I love what I do and I make sure every class is the best it can be! EBC is everything you want out of an exercise class! You will laugh, you will sweat and you will feel alive! I developed my passion for health and fitness about 10 years ago and have since had a lot of experience working with people, coaching and now run my own online nutrition programme LeanFit. I used to be 20 kilos overweight and addicted to junk food. I have not always been into health and fitness! I decided one day that is was time to get a hold of my life and turn my health around, this is where my long and bumpy journey started. I have been through countless fad diets and I have fallen off the wagon more times than I care to mention. This has given me valuable life experience that I now use to help others reach their goals and feel amazing everyday! There is so much confusion about exercise and nutrition, but there is no need! Life can be very simple and easy when you understand your own body and have the support you need.

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