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Our forest visitors very quickly start to tingle with an adventuring spirit, upon making their way down the winding path, into the clearing which is our meeting hub. ​ It includes a round-house and sturdy shelter to house an open fire to protect us from the elements, a kitchen and weather protected areas for tool use. Within our woods are dedicated areas for quiet sitting spots, woodland walks, den making, cooking, tool use, den building, forest therapy and even a composting-loo hut . Should anyone not have appropriate clothing we can help using clothes supplied by our partners TOG24. ​ Our team is made up of amazing people qualified in a wide range of skills and with an incredible wealth of experience. With three in-house staff and a large bank of tried & tested contractors available to us we can cater for every desire. With qualified forest school practitioners, mental health support staff, teachers and youth & community workers we always work at a high level with all groups.

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  • Mearhouse Farm Sheffield Road
  • London
  • United Kingdom
  • HD9 7HA

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  • Mearhouse Farm Sheffield Road, Holmfirth