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Outlined below is the Privacy Policy that applies to edcentric teaching. We value privacy above all else and will always keep consumer details private where possible. We will not pass the information onto any advertising or tracking companies nor will we sell it to the highest bidder. ​The Privacy Policy details what information we collect, how we collect it and also what we do with the information gathered. It is relevant to everyone we do business with and, as such, we highly recommend you read through it in its entirety. In the context of the following privacy policy edcentric teaching may be referenced by the following terms; "edcentric teaching", "we, "us", "our". What information we collect and how The information that edcentric teaching collects from its customers includes such details as: Personal details knowingly provided to us through signing up or registering through our website, filling out and sending out forms to us and applying for any of the services offered by us. Such details that may be recorded include name, age, email, nationality, education, teaching experience and past qualifications. Specifically we keep a record of all materials sent into us including your CV, degree and TEFL qualification alongside any other documents that may be passed onto us by you throughout the process of signing up for one of our listed services. Any classroom demo videos and introduction videos proffered to us by you during the internship or job booking procedure will also be stored indefinitely by us. Video calls may also be recorded for our own purposes but this will be mentioned prior to us commencing the video call. When payments are made through our website for any of the services or products offered by us, it may be necessary for the banks and card processing agencies to have access to this data. Your mail preferences will be stored by us including whether or not you wish to receive marketing from us about the products and services we offer and any discounts that may arise for specific time limited periods.​ What we do with your information Upon application for an internship the user information is kept by edcentric teaching and used in the following ways: Your personal details are used by us in order to apply for the services you book through us. For the most part your personal information will have to be sent to third parties in order for us to be able to offer the services stated by us on our website. Such third parties include but are not limited to local governing bodies in China, the PSB and the Chinese embassy or high commission. We will never profit from the sale of your personal information to other parties. CV's and all other documents related to the education/teaching/work background of our customers are sent onto our partnering schools so that they can look through all of our internship candidates. As all our partnering schools are based at the kindergarten level we strive to ensure high quality throughout but this does cut both ways. Whilst we strive to vet our partnering schools to ensure a high quality service to our budding TEFL'ers, so must we keep the interests of the schools and institutions we work with and the young learners that attend them front and centre by ensuring that we provide teachers with a strong moral compass and of sound mind. We may ask for classroom demos, personal introduction videos or maybe just live recordings of a video call. They are for the purpose of being sent to our partnering schools and kindergartens upon their request of them. We may also on occasion wish to share your demo video on our website or one of our social platforms as an example for all others to follow. edcentric teaching will not ask permission for this but should you notice your video is live and wish for it be taken down we will comply with your request. Your payment details are never stored by us and they are only ever used in such cases as the banks and card processing agencies needing to authenticate and authorise a purchase made through our website by you. Email addresses are collected for the sole purpose of communication and also, occasionally, to market our services and our services alone. Personable information is mainly used to ensure a more personal experience with all our customers. Changes to this Privacy Policy Should any changes need to be made to our Privacy Policy then they will be posted on this page. We recommend all our customers check up on this page at frequent intervals so as to be aware of their rights in regards to their private information.

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