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In today's competitive world, languages ​​are a key part of our modern culture, helping us to broaden our knowledge and interact with people from other parts of the world, which helps us learn about the traditions of other countries, establish friendships and do business. In addition, languages ​​are one of the main requirements for finding a job. The phenomenon of globalization is making clear the need for businessmen from all sectors to learn one of the most used languages ​​in the business world. Construction, finance, management, marketing, education, internet, tourism... any field requires a good command of a foreign language. Whether it is English, the most international, French, with great influence on the European and African continents, or German, the soul of one of the engines of the world economy and the heart of Europe.

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  • C/O Ayres Vause Accountancy
  • Madrid Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • LS11 5QG

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  • C/O Ayres Vause Accountancy, Leeds