Crystal work for beginners ~ with Advanced Reiki Master & Crystal Reiki Master, Sensei Alison

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Crystal work for beginners  ~ with Advanced Reiki Master & Crystal Reiki Master, Sensei Alison


Welcome to the wonderful world of crystals with this foundational course on working with crystals.  This course is ideal for anyone who has an interest in crystals and wants to find out more about things such as cleansing, storing, the different uses types of crystals and much more.

For example, did you know that crystals all have a vibrational frequency which differs depending on the stone and how it was formed.  

This learning is done online (through mediums such as videos, demos, and reading material).  The biggest advantage of this is that you will be able to study at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home, library or work place.  You can revisit the course sections as often as you like, you'll have a downloadable reference guide, and you'll benefit from on-going updates to the course materials.  You can even choose to have treatments and/or mentor sessions in person with Alison, should you choose to.

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  • Beginner level

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  1. About 'Working with Crystals for beginners'
  2. About the British Reiki Circle
  3. About Alison
Getting Started
  1. Working with Crystals, for beginners - Edition 14
  2. Crystals identification guide
Your healers journey
  1. Your Discounts
  2. The power of Crystal Reiki?

About British Reiki Circle

British Reiki Circle
British Reiki Circle

Find peace and happiness by awakening the energies of your mind, body, spirit & soul, with The British Reiki Circle.

About the British Reiki Circle School

Founded by Alison in 2017, The British Reiki Circle offers:

  • A full range of Reiki courses, both certified and for personal use
  • Working with crystals and Crystal Reiki

Alison is currently developing the next suite of courses that will introduce people to the magic of healing and manifesting with Earth’s gifts.

When you choose to learn with The British Reiki Circle, you can be assured that your course is designed with compassion and experience. 

Alison was first attuned to Reiki in 2006; she is an Advanced Reiki Master and Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master, and an experienced CIPD qualified trainer.  

Alison’s interest in holistic therapy started in 1988.  She qualified as a Life Coach in 2003 and went on to qualify in a range of Holistic Healing therapies thereafter.  In addition to her own practice, Alison has a background in both digital health and the mental health sector of the NHS, she maintains a position of Deputy Director for a service hosted by the NHS called 
Thrive by Design, a multi-disciplinary team of specialists who have come together with an aim to co-design inclusive digital innovation and improvement in health and care to support everyone to thrive.

Alison's commitment to her students

Yorkshire born and bred, Alison lives in the East Yorkshire countryside with her husband, where she crafts her courses and initiates the distance ceremonies. 

I aim to provide the best learning experience for all of my Reiki students, as such I ensure that materials are regularly reviewed, updated, and new material added where it enhances the learning.  

I aim to provide a balanced and blended learning environment, taking into account different learning styles, personal choice and on-going support needs. 

I continue to be creative and curious, both in how Reiki can be used and the broader practice of energy healing and the subtle body.    

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Covid-19 Notice

Alison only works with one student on any given day to ensure that rooms are fully sanitised and aired. If you would like to come as a pair or a small group of family or friends, however, this can be accommodated.