Developing Business Strategy

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Developing Business Strategy


Are you looking to create the perfect business strategy to put you higher than your competitors?

Are you tired of not hitting your strategic objectives?

If your answers to above questions are 'yes', this course helps you a lot. 


What you will learn:

  1. To build your own ‘blue ocean strategy’ to avoid fierce competition & price wars.
  2. To understand strategy process and strategy mapping.
  3. To appropriately position your company in the marketplace.
  4. To make the competition irrelevant.


How you will benefit from this workshop:

  1. You will gain key insights into the strategy articulation process.
  2. We help you develop your leadership skills with some practice.
  3. You will learn how to use the Balanced scorecard to map your strategy.
  4. You will learn how effective your current differentiation is and how to improve that.


  • Delivered In-Person

  • Delivered at your location

  • UK Wide

  • Intermediate level

  • Full day

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Kambiz Bidad
Kambiz Bidad

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