#Coffee&Chat for members of the legal profession - 1st Wednesday at 12pm

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#Coffee&Chat for members of the legal profession - 1st Wednesday at 12pm


"This is becoming my favourite group of people right now"

"Congratulations on a brilliant session again. I really look forward to them. I find I’m connecting with the profession in a really rewarding way which is a bit strange when you’ve been a bit of a lone wolf all your solo career!"

"Absolutely loving the sessions hosted by Hannah Beko. I have met some amazing women with great stories and advice. I always come away from the sessions feeling more positive and empowered. Hannah’s helpful tips have been wonderful to keep me going during this crazy time and I would recommend the sessions to anyone who’s maybe feeling a little isolated at home and missing that personal interaction from going into the office. I love and am grateful for the little community that has developed and look forward to the call each week."

These friendly informal sessions started in lockdown 1.0 and are a chance for some informal networking with a supportive group of lawyers, at various stages of their career from student to law firm Managing Director!

Feel free to come and join us one Wednesday for discussions around topics that matter to us: anything from, confidence, professionalism, dealing with mistakes and claims, life post covid, toxic workplaces, getting promoted or starting out on your own.. and more..

If you have any questions about these sessions, please feel free to drop me an email to hannah@authenticallyspeaking.co.uk or text 07493176560.

For more information about working with me please visit www.authenticallyspeaking.co.uk and do join our facebook group - Legally Speaking for members of the legal profession.

And don't forget to check out The Authentic Lawyer Book on Amazon!

Hannah x


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About Authentically Speaking

Authentically Speaking
Authentically Speaking
Lawyers are strong, intelligent professionals. Very often we’ve got the career, family, nice house, decent income, but experience failing mental health and a poor sense of well-being. Have you spent years climbing the ladder, striving to be the “go to” person for your clients and the person your team looks to for answers? But in clocking up all that chargeable time maybe you’ve missed school plays, dinner dates and family gatherings. Do you manage to have conversations with your spouses that doesn’t involve negotiating who’s paying the cleaner or picking up the kids from school? Lawyers have a larger dose of the “perfectionist” gene than you’ll see in many other professions. We feel as though we must be the one who gets everything done, meets deadlines, gets the kids to school and has a week’s worth of frozen dinners ready? (Or feels like you should be doing all of that?) This is leading us to higher and higher levels of burnout, stress related absence, ill health, not feeling able to pursue that promotion or new role, and even leaving the profession we’ve worked so hard to join.
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