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Do you find conversations about money to be uncomfortable and that's putting it kindly!


You might feel greedy even thinking that you want to earn more so that you can buy the things you want without constantly worrying about where the money is coming from?

When someone asks you what you charge for your services do you freeze and wish you were anywhere else but having that conversation?!

Going from working in a job where your salary was what it was to working for yourself as a small business owner is a huge shift and something a lot of small business owners struggle with is financial goals and telling people what you charge without it feeling like you're ripping them off (even though I know if you're feeling like that there is a big chance you are actually probably undercharging without realising it).

Another pitfall A LOT of Solopreneurs fall into is not charging for their time so you unconsciously end up working for free but if you've never had the tools to look at how much your services and time are costing you then you don't know what you don't know!

In this course you will learn tools you can use to make those conversations easier and also easy to use for completely non financial people tools that you can use to look at your pricing structures and where you're making a profit or not and how to use these tools to manage your cashflow as you're scaling your first business

"What's the difference between cashflow forecasting and financial goal setting" is a questions I am asked A LOT!

In my opinion when you are forecasting your cash flow always do a worst case scenario so you know, no matter what, you will have enough money to get you through the tight times.

Financial Goal Setting is looking at your business model and looking at your business earning potential as it is now and then setting goals around that (sales targets) and also using that information to plan growth and scaling your business

Amour Business Coaching - Financial goal setting in business online course

Are you unconsciously working for free?


  • Recognise any doubt niggles you have that are holding you back from financial success

  • Learn your maximum earning capacity as you're working at the moment - Then how to use that to scale your business

  • Easy to use pricing tools - Your time is valuable and it's ok to charge for it

  • Set clear financial goals in your business 


Introduction To Financial Goal Setting In Business
  • Dream Big and Start Small - Learn why this is important when setting financial goals in business
  • Set your big goal - Are you ready to start pushing your financial limits and challenging yourself?
What is a limiting belief and what has it got to do with your money?
  • Did you grow up hearing "money doesn't grow on trees" or when being taught maths at school were you taught you have 3 apples, you give 2 away (no wonder we feel uncomfortable talking about what we charge) how many have you got left?
  • How to improve your relationship with money - Money mindse
Are you unconsciously working for free?
  • 2 easy steps to how to talk about your prices comfortably
  • Learn how to use an easy template to calculate what profit you're making on each service you provide
  • Using your competitor pricing to benchmark your pricing - It's easy to think that people won't pay your price because that's how you feel about it
Short Term Financial Goals - Start Small
  • Why start small when you're setting short term financial goals?  What are the benefits of doing it this way?
  • How to benchmark your wins - It's easy to focus on everything going wrong and forget to celebrate the wins
  • 90 day financial goals with an action plan
Scaling Your Business
  • How to use your schedule to work out when to start scaling your business
  • How to create an action plan that you can follow for your business growth

What is included with the course?

  • Workbooks for each module

  • Product Pricing Template

  • Schedule Template

  • 12 months Pro Access to the Business Mastermind Membership


  • On-Demand Course

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