Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey Risk Management

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Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey Risk Management


Running A Duke of Ed program? If so, you need to understand what risks are involved and how to effectively manage them. This course steps you through exactly what you need to know when planning and running an Adventurous Journey with your students.

Do You Run The Duke of Ed Program At Your School?

Do you want to empower your students, reduce risk and improve safety for all of your Adventurous Journeys?

The Xcursion Duke of Ed Risk Management course steps you through the process of planning, preparing and running any sort of Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey from an operational risk management point of view. Whether you're running your program internally or contracting out parts or all of your program to a specialist activity provider, this course will help you build your understanding and confidence in risk management for all your Adventurous Journeys.

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Course curriculum

  • Introduction | 10 min
  • Education, Adventure & Risk | 20min
  • Creating A Culture of Risk Management | 25min
  • Student Leadership | 10min
  • Setting Up the Adventurous Journey | 20min
  • Assessing Risks | 15min
  • Transport Risks | 10min
  • Common Adventurous Journey Risks | 30min
  • When Systems Fail | 15min
  • Injuries, Incidents & Emergencies | 30min
  • Practical Planning, Preparation & Logisitics | 30min
  • Putting It All Together | 15min
  • Reviewing Your Adventurous Journey | 10min
  • Next Steps | 10min


• Improve Safety

• Empower students to plan and prepare for themselves within a risk managed framework

• Build effective risk management systems for your Duke of Ed programs

• Build confidence in managing risks & decision-making processes

• Understand how to develop a culture of risk management

• Improve communications skills

• Reduce your exposure to personal legal liability

• Avoid lengthy, expensive legal investigations

• Improve educational outcomes

For ACT Registered Teachers

This course is an accredited TQI training course and will contribute to 3 hours of professional development.

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This course contains materials which may be upsetting to some participants, including references and case studies which explore confronting details of incidents which have occurred on school trips that have resulted in serious injuries and/or death. Case studies and examples are designed to highlight the dangers and risks involved in these types of activities and help prevent them from occurring in the future. Please bare this in mind before you start the course. We have made every effort to ensure these matters are presented in a meaningful and sensitive way to help improve safety. However, if something from this course does trigger something in you, please connect with a professional counseling service immediately.

School Pricing options

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  • On-Demand Course

  • Intermediate level

About Xcursion


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We Help Schools Confidently Manage Excursion, Sport & International Travel Risks Through Fast & Effective Safety Training

We understand the many complex challenges faced by your team in setting up and running great educational programs for your students.

However, each program is different and faces its own set of challenges which can include:

• Staff & Student Safety

• Keeping up With Changing Industry Standards

• Emerging Risks & Skills Gaps

• Staff Training & Development

• Incidents & Reputational Damage

From our many years of experience running school excursions, camps, activities and international tours, we offer industry-leading risk management strategies to support your program needs.

We provide self-paced online courses, to customised face to face training and we can help you build an action plan to improve your organisation’s risk management practices and assist in clearly identifying your program’s strengths, weaknesses and areas of priority.

All courses are designed and run by risk management specialists all of whom have extensive real-world educational program experience and are not just tick-a-box compliance people. 

Enrol in a course today to help ensure all your programs are memorable for all the right reasons.


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