Dog Behaviour Modification Consultation

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Dog Behaviour Modification Consultation


Are You Struggling With Your Dog’s Behaviour?

I’m here to help with my personalised online coaching programmes, using effective, ethical and science based methods. 

Behaviours include: Separation Anxiety / Excessive Barking Or Chewing / Barking At Unfamiliar Visitors / Hyperactivity / Begging / Chasing After Moving Things / Jumping Up On People 


  • Delivered Online

  • Advanced level

  • From 1 hour to 1 hour

About Wolfgang's Way Dog Training

Wolfgang's Way Dog Training
Wolfgang's Way Dog Training

Positive and effective training for happy dogs and their humans. From treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs to puppy training courses to working with bouncy adolescents and adult dogs, I create bespoke training and behaviour programmes to address your dog’s needs.

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