Build a Creative Wellbeing Journaling Habit in 6 Weeks

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Build a Creative Wellbeing Journaling Habit in 6 Weeks
Build a Creative Wellbeing Journaling Habit in 6 Weeks
Build a Creative Wellbeing Journaling Habit in 6 Weeks
Build a Creative Wellbeing Journaling Habit in 6 Weeks


Create more positive, calmer you and increase your sense of gratitude and happiness with wellbeing journaling.

Over the 6 weeks we will explore benefits of journaling, how to relax and start pocket journal and develop habit of creative art journaling. We will learn different art journaling techniques, how to draw borders, letters and doodles.

Who is this class for:

Anyone who would like to get creative in their journals and use different creative techniques while slowing down, appreciating present moments and dreaming about the future.

What material do I need to get started:

Over the 6 weeks we will be exploring different media - acrylics, watercolours, distress inks etc, but it is up to you which medium you would like to use and have fun with.

Apart from journaling techniques, each week we will explore one self-care topic:

Week 1 - Benefits of Journaling, start with the end in mind

Week 2 - Habits and Routine

Week 3 - Gratitude and Beliefs

Week 4 - Control and Inner Critic

Week 5 - Dreams, Goals and Little Victories

Week 6 - Mindful Journaling

What can I gain from the classes:

Rediscover your love for creativityIncrease your sense of gratitude and positivityBuild a journaling habit which helps you with sleep, focus and productivity

All sessions will be recorded so you can watch them again plus you will get access to Thinkific where you find all materials from each session. You will also gain an access to Wellbeing Journaling Facebook Group for accountability and higher chance to build journaling routine over the 6 weeks.

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About Wellbeing Journaling

Wellbeing Journaling
Wellbeing Journaling

Rediscover the artist within you with Wellbeing Journaling courses and creatively record your thoughts, achievements and emotions. Learn about your values and passions and identify hidden drains while learning different art journaling techniques.

Did you know that journaling has a power to improve sleep and focus, replace negative thoughts with positive ones and reconnect with true yourself?

Pre-printed journals you fill in are great way to increase your gratitude, positivity and manage your time. However there is also a beauty in taking control of your journal and creating one from scratch exactly the way it works best for you.  

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