Create your own speciality coffee blend at Two Chimps Roastery

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Create your own speciality coffee blend at Two Chimps Roastery


Want a bag of speciality coffee so special it’s got your name on it? Head down to Two Chimps HQ and get hands-on with our coffee blending course!

We start with the most important thing in any roastery – the beans. You’ll learn all about speciality coffee, where and how it’s grown, harvested, processed, and sourced. We’ll discuss single-origin coffee, the difference between arabica and robusta beans, and how the speciality coffee industry compares to NGOs like The Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade. Being a climate positive roastery, we couldn’t talk about all this without discussing the ethical and environmental impact of our industry.

Next, we’ll stop by one of the most important machines in our building – the roaster. Here you’ll get a quick overview of the roasting process – how it works, the choices we can make, and how these affect the flavours of a coffee.

Once we’re finished at the roaster it’s time for a lesson on cupping and tasting. First a demonstration and discussion, then you get hands-on, setting up and cupping a selection of our freshly roasted coffees. We’ll chat about the coffees we’ve tasted, what we liked about them, and how they might go together.

Following the cupping you’ll discover the art of wet blending and how it affects the flavours in your cup of joe. Then it’s your turn. Put it all into practice and create your own unique blend!

Once you’re happy, you name it, weigh it, we grind it (if you want us to), and you get to go home with a bag of your very own coffee. If you’re really proud of your work, we can even sort you more bags to give to your friends!


You will:

  • Understand speciality coffee and the impact of roasting.
  • Learn how to cup and taste coffee.
  • Discover how to use wet blending techniques to create flavour profiles.
  • Create, weigh out and name your own special blend.
  • Take home a bag (or more!) of coffee unique to you.


  • Delivered In-Person

  • All levels

  • 3 hours

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