Create a Vision Board that works and make your goals reality in 2023

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Create a Vision Board that works and make your goals reality in 2023


Many of us have fleeting ideas and thoughts about what we want to be, do or have in our life and career, but often they remain just that - fleeting.  

When we create a vision for the future and with it a vision board, we gain clarity around what it is exactly we want out of life.   When we are clear on what we want to do, be and have in our life, it brings opportunity and possiblity into sight.

If you want some reflective, creative space and time to think a little differently, then come to my groundbreaking Vision Board workshop and make your year ahead extraordinary and build a life that you really love.  Expect to feel motivated, focused and excited about life.

Vision Boards are a powerful tool to inspire, motivate and push you towards the things you want to achieve, as well as things you may have not thought about before.  But first you need to question and reflect on what it is you truly want.

About this workshop:
- Gift yourself the time and space to become intentional about what you really want from your life over the next year and beyond. 

- This workshop will help you to become crystal clear about exactly what you want from your life, to set new goals or fine tune existing goals and to create an exciting vision for your future AND a Vision Board that will push you to achieve your ideal outcomes (and more) to live that vision

I have been creating Vision Boards since 2017 and have witnessed how powerful they are, with some incredible personal results and amazing testimonials to their power. A Vision Board is a simple, yet powerful tool, backed by neuroscience, that helps you to keep your goals at the forefront of your mind and serves as a reminder of what you truly want to achieve. 

There is a lot more to creating an effective vision board than just sticking pictures of things you would like on a page. I bring to you my powerful 12 step process which will delve into your subconscious and prepare you in order to create a Vision Board that will push you to achieve your goals, plus other things that you may be surprised that turn up, thanks to your subconscious mind. I will guide you, step by step, through this exciting process. 

What's included? 

- A pre-exercise to get your subconscious mind warmed up 
- 2 sessions of 2 hours long each (and time in between to develop your ideas, dreams and goals)
- Learn about Vision Boards, how they work and how Neuroscience plays a big part
- Explore how my powerful Vision Boards process can identify opportunities and possibilities in your life roadmap
- Create your very own vision and vision board out of inspiring materials to display in your office or in your home
- Deal with the changes you need to make and the inspiration to learn 

The takeaways: 

CLARITY - Thinking / dream / breathing time (The very thing you keep telling yourself you’ll give yourself but never do!)
GOALS - Set or fine tune goals about what you want to from your business and life - how you want to be, what you want to do or have in the different areas of your business and life so that they are aligned with your authentic self
CREATE - Create your own powerful Vision Board
VISUALISATION - Discover the power of visualisation within my 12 step process, backed by neuroscience
TOGETHERNESS - Like minded individuals to bond with, all with a common goal
INSPIRATION - To go out and accomplish those dreams 

You will need to provide:
- a notebook and pen (to bring to the first session)
- a piece of cardboard or card (old Amazon boxes or boxes from the supermarket are perfect for this), or a piece of foamboard or pinboard - try and be sustainable (you will not need to bring this to the first session)
- 10 assorted magazines (I have magazines if you really can't get hold of any, but Sunday supplements are great, ask neighbours, family friends and facebook!)
- A photo/printed picture of you for the centre of your board. 

COST: £99

Assorted Dates Available, please enquire at if you don't see a date that works for you.


"Lara’s vision experience has literally been life defining. For the first time ever, I have thought strategically about what I would like to achieve across all aspects of my business and life. I now have clearly set goals that I have been able to identify through Lara’s guidance and workshop direction. I am really excited to see these goals becoming reality. I highly recommend Lara to anyone who needs to refocus on their life goals.... and who doesn't need to do that?!" Lorraine, Coach

"I was a little sceptical about vision boarding before I did this workshop with Lara. I came away with complete clarity about what I wanted to achieve in both my working and personal life for the next 12 months - a couple of things even surprised me! 12 months on I have achieved pretty much everything on my board! I now understand that there is actually a science behind vision boarding which explains how it works. Lara goes into enough detail but not so much that it becomes dry. Instead we focused more on the process, which is actually really fun! Highly recommend!" Kate, Personal Trainer

"Lara is a very intuitive, inspiring and focused motivator.... the vision experience was an amazing journey, initially one of emotional chaos (my own) and concluding with excitement, optimism and clarity about ways to shape the year ahead... haven’t really stopped smiling, thinking, doing since... Thank you Lara"  Sarah, Holistic Practitioner
You can contact Lara at:
For any questions regarding this event, please contact Lara - / 07817247727 - thank you!

About Lara......

Lara Doherty, author of her debut book "The Mighty Book Of Motivation Magic", is an accomplished Vision Board Expert and Motivational Coach. She is a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and Coach and has a certificate in Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health. She comes from a varied corporate career spanning 25 plus years leading teams and building relationships.

Her mission is helping women get unstuck, get motivated, energised and laser focused, excited to get out of bed in the morning, so they can move forward confidently to achieve their amazing potential. She helps change minds and lives one step at a time.

The Mighty Book Of Motivation Magic is available here

Certificate of Applied Neuroscience & Brain Health, The Neuroscience Academy 2020; Accredited Certificate in Coach Training, Certified NLP Practitioner & Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming with Academy of Coaching & Training Jan 2021; Primary Certificate in Performance Coaching, Centre for Coaching, 2019 (Recognised by the International Society for Coaching Psychology & The British Psychological Society).


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