Building Successful Teams

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Building Successful Teams


How do you build your team to excellence?

We look at 4 key areas on how to build successful teams in our Early Years environments.

  • Managing the People, looking at personality types.
  • Setting the Environment using Maslow's Hierarchy of needs for staff.
  • Solving the Problems in teams.
  • Encouraging the Performance.


We deliver this session on a one to one virtual platform or face to face. We can deliver to small groups but please contact us separately for costings.

This specific course is for training one person at a time.


  • Delivered In-Person

  • You travel to organiser or they travel to you

  • West Lothian

  • All levels

  • From 1 hour to 30 minutes

About The Leadership Wizard

The Leadership Wizard
The Leadership Wizard
West Lothian

Leadership & management training designed specifically for Early Years Leaders & Managers.

We offer training to assist in managing and leading teams effectively.

We use theories, tools and research  in a fun creative way to help Leaders and managers engage, motivate, inspire and connect with their teams.

Who knew a butterfly can help with manging change using Kotters 8 step change process, or even that a Genies wish could  bring a  team together when they are at the storming stage of Bruce Tuckmans  theory. Or that the Power Rangers (yes you read it correctly) give us an important lesson in Building a good team.

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