Dog Training / Behavioural Seminars

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Dog Training / Behavioural Seminars


Canine behaviour seminar

Online Courses

Enrol on our online dog behaviour & training courses that include videos, questions and a video call.

Group Courses   

Come and learn the secrets of dog behaviour in a classroom environment with like-minded people.

One to One Help

Book a consultation with Nigel Reed The Dog Guardian for detailed help addressing any behavioural issues.

The Book

The Dog Guardian book reveals the secrets to a happy well behaved dog and includes bonus video tutorials.

Dog Training / Behavioural Seminars

Nigel Reed, The Dog Guardian is hosting a series of seminars revealing his easy-to-follow method for a happy and well-behaved dog.

Canine Behaviour Seminar

This course is for all dog enthusiasts!
The information will enable you to understand and communicate with your dog on a deeper level.
In turn you will be empowered to address any behavioural problems, you may be experiencing with your dog, to become a kind and non confrontational leader your dog respects and feels safe with.

Particularly those who are considering working with dogs as a career and who have already completed the Foundation Course.
On this course we go into far greater detail on understanding the dog’s needs, behaviour, state of mind, language, and improving your leadership skills.

Canine Behaviour Seminar

The seminar covers a range of issues including:
· The origin of the domestic dog
· How an understanding of wolf behaviour can help us with our dogs
· Your dog’s needs
· Your dog’s language
· How to ensure your dog is calm and responsive
· Why your dog behaves as it does
· How to effectively communicate to your dog
· How to address pulling on the lead, barking at the door, aggression, poor recall, jumping up and anything you need help with (questions at the end).
· How to teach your dog to control it’s own behaviour
· The traits of a good leader

More Info

Details of upcoming seminars to be revealed soon.Can’t make it in person to the seminars? No problem –  Go the online courses to purchase a pre-recorded version.


  • Delivered In-Person

  • Delivered at your location

  • UK Wide

  • 1 hour

About The Dog Guardian

The Dog Guardian
The Dog Guardian
I am dog behaviourist and author with twenty years experience addressing all types of problematic behaviour. My book The Dog Guardian has sold over 21,000 copies and I have over 2000 clients in the U.K and Europe. I hold qualifications and certificates in dog training and behaviour, animal assisted therapy, wolf studies and nutrition and health. I am a regular on radio and television helping owners address their dog’s behaviour.
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