Getting Started in Data Governance

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Getting Started in Data Governance
Getting Started in Data Governance


A simple, logical and structured approach to help you successfully design and implement a Data Governance Framework.


Data Governance Online Course

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Congratulations on taking your first steps towards an education in Data Governance.

I'm here to help you become a Data Governance expert like me.

If you have any questions about investing in this course please email me at

After completing the course you will continue to have access to all the resources detailed below.  You will also be invited to join a community of others who have completed this training, giving you access to both me and your peers to answer questions and share experiences.

Many thanks.


The Data Governance Coach

Who this training is for?

This course is ideal for anyone who is trying to understand and manage data better but not sure where to start, as well as for those implementing Data Governance but struggling with the many obstacles.

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All students participating in this course will be able to ask questions as they work through the course via a private LinkedIn Group.  Your questions will get answered by Nicola and others who have completed the course.

Please note that Nicola will not be able to answer any questions directly.  If you would like the option to be able to ask your questions directly to Nicola, please consider signing up for the Live Online Version of this course instead. Please click here to find out more.

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Course curriculum


  • Welcome / Introduction

  • Welcome / Introduction Transcript

  • Overview

  • Overview Transcript

  • Book A Call To Discuss Data Governance Support

  • Join the private LinkedIn Group to support this course

Module 1 - Data Governance + Strategy

  • Slides for note taking (to download or print)

  • 1 - What is Data Governance?

  • What is Data Governance Transcript

  • 2 - What Data Governance is Not

  • What Data Governance is Not Transcript

  • DAMA DMBoK Wheel

  • DAMA DMBoK Wheel Transcript

  • Resource: DAMA DMBoK Wheel

  • 3 - Data Governance Benefits

  • Data Governance Benefits Transcript

  • 4 - What Happens When Data isn't Governed

  • What Happens When Data Isn't Managed Transcript

  • 5 - Data Governance Challenges

  • Data Governance Challenges Transcript

  • 6 - The Relationship with Data Quality

  • The Relationship with Data Quality Transcript

  • The Relationship With Master Data Management

  • The Relationship With Master Data Management Transcript

  • The Different Risks To Data

  • The Different Risks To Data Transcript

  • 7 - Methodology Overview

  • Methodology Overview Transcript

  • 8 - Strategy

  • Strategy Transcript

  • Resource: Downloadable PDF Data Governance Health Check

  • Resource: Online Interactive Data Governance Health Check

  • Resource: Link to Stanford University Data Governance Maturity Assessment

  • Example Data Governance Roadmap

  • Report on The Top Mistakes Companies Make When Implementing Data Governance

Module 2 - Data Governance Framework

  • Slides for note taking (to download or print)

  • 1 - Framework Overview

  • Framework Overview Transcript

  • 2 - Policy

  • Policy Transcript

  • Resource - DAMA UK Whitepaper on Data Quality Dimensions

  • Resource - Data Policy Contents List

  • Resource - Example of a simple Data Governance Policy

  • Resource - Example of a complex Data Governance Policy

  • Resource - Further Data Governance Policy Example

  • 3 - Process

  • Process Transcript

  • 4 - Data Quality Issue Resolution Process

  • Data Quality Issue Resolution Process Transcript

  • 5 - Roles and Responsibilities Overview

  • 6 - Data Governance Roles and Responsibilities Exercise

  • 7 - Roles and Responsibilities

  • Roles and Responsibilities Transcript

  • 8 - Identifying Data Owners

  • Identifying Data Owners Transcript

  • 9 - Data Governance Forums

  • Data Governance Forums Transcripts

  • Resource - Example Data Governance Framework

Module 3 - Data Governance Implementation

  • Slides for note taking (to download or print)

  • 1 - Implementation Overview

  • Implementation Overview Transcript

  • Exercise - Implementing Data Governance

  • 2 - Implementation Overview Continued

  • Implementation Overview Part 2 Transcript

  • 3 - Data Governance Deliverables

  • Data Governance Deliverables Transcript

  • 4 - Data Governance Deliverables Structure

  • Data Governance Deliverables Structure Transcript

  • Resource: Link to What is a Data Glossary Blog

  • Resource - Example DQ Reporting

  • 5 - People (1)

  • People (1) Transcript

  • Implementation People Exercise (with audio)

  • Implementation People Exercise (with audio) Transcript

  • Implementation People Exercise (downloadable pdf)

  • 6 - People (II)

  • People (II) Transcript

  • 7 - Phases

  • Phases Transcript

  • 8 - Plans

  • Plans Transcript

Module 4 -The Essential Soft Skills

  • Slides for note taking (to download or print)

  • 1 - Soft Skills Overview

  • Soft Skills Overview Transcript

  • Quiz - Soft Skills

  • 2 - Soft Skills

  • Soft Skills Transcript

  • 3 - Communication

  • Communication Transcript

  • Resource: Link to recommended Communication Book

  • 4 - Influencing

  • Influencing Transcript

  • Resource: Link to recommended Influencing Book

  • 5 - Behaviours

  • Behaviours Transcripts

  • 6 - Pragmatism

  • Pragmatism Transcript

  • 7 - Persistence

  • Persistence Transcript

  • 8 - Patience

  • Patience Transcript

  • Resource - 6 Vital Characteristics ebook


  • Conclusion

  • Conclusion Transcript

  • Course Feedback Survey

  • Successful Data Governance Methodology Overview

  • Data Governance Checklist

  • Book A Call To Discuss Data Governance Support

Additional Resources

Participants on this course have the following available to them to download and keep, plus links to other recommended resources available online:

  • The actual checklist I use when working with clients

  • Data Governance Healthcheck Questionnaire

  • Example Data Governance Road Map

  • Data Policy Contents List

  • Examples of Data Policies

  • Example Data Governance Framework

  • Example Data Quality Reporting Process

  • Copies of all the slides


  • On-Demand Course

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The Data Governance Coach

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