4 in 1 Nail Tech (GTi Manicure, Gel Polish, Acrylic Nails & Pedicure

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4 in 1 Nail Tech (GTi Manicure, Gel Polish, Acrylic Nails & Pedicure
4 in 1 Nail Tech (GTi Manicure, Gel Polish, Acrylic Nails & Pedicure


The manicure offers the technician a whole range of options to suit nearly every client. This course will teach you everything you need to know about offering a professional manicure and includes a practical training session & assessment.

Gel Polish treatments are an increasingly popular treatment within the professional beauty industry. Gel Polish is applied to the client’s nail and then cured using an LED or UV lamp to create a longer lasting nail treatment (up to 3 weeks) than a standard manicure. The GTi Gel Polish course covers how to complete gel polish application and demonstrates the correct removal techniques. The course also covers reception and consultation, contra-indications to treatment and aftercare advice.

The GTi Tips with Acrylic Overlay course will teach you how to apply the Acrylic System (Liquid and Powder) in conjunction with nail tips. The course covers how to complete the application and demonstrates the correct removal techniques. It also covers reception and consultation, contra-indications to treatment and aftercare advice.

Pedicures are a fantastic way to get new clients into the salon. It is a treatment that is often given as a treat or is booked to make tired toes look respectable. Once a client has been made to look and feel better, they are much more inclined to repeat the process, and you will hopefully have gained a customer for life.

Upon course completion you will gain 4 recognised & insurable qualifications. 

Includes: 4 Hard copy take home training manuals.

Duration – Fast track three-day practical classroom-based training plus online theory work.

Theory work to be completed in your own time via The Guild student portal before your practical course date.

Practical day – 10am-6pm & 10.30-5.30pm & 10am – 5pm. It is advisable that students arrive 15 mins early to ensure a prompt start. In a lot of cases the practical training can be finished earlier than expected depending on how many students there are, and the time taken on practical work.

Widely recognisable and insurable qualification, allowing you to deliver this treatment on the paying general public.

Class size - Maximum 8 students in a class 

Optional Add on’s – You may wish to add on one or more of the following take home kits to your course booking:

  • The Edge Manicure & Pedicure tool kit inc manicure bowl £70
  • Kaeso Manicure & Pedicure Products £40
  • The Edge gelover soak off nail kit £65
  • The Edge gelover soak off nail kit inc UV lamp £87.50
  • The edge ultra low odour acrylic liquid & powder kit £71.99


  • Delivered In-Person

  • Beginner level


2a Hope House, Pembroke Road, BR12RU, Bromley, United Kingdom

About The Beauty Click Academy

The Beauty Click Academy
The Beauty Click Academy

The Beauty Click was founded in April 2018 by Chantelle Bass.

The idea came about as Chantelle has always been a working parent and understands how difficult it is to make time for beauty and hair treatments. She wanted to produce a website that has a platform for both the beauty and hair  specialists themselves and for the customers wanting to fit in appointments around their busy schedules. After being let down by her new child-minder for the umpteenth time, Chantelle bit the bullet gave up her sales career and put her all into launching this business.

Chantelle’s life time friend Lauren came on board in June 2018, after understanding and sharing her vision she chose to also focus on building The Beauty Click brand. Lauren too is a parent and has dealt with the stresses of fitting things in around her parenting and work life.

Chantelle’s career has mainly been within the sales and business development sector and Laurens within childcare, but both have also worked in the beauty industry and have a strong passion to be able to help those that want to learn new skills and move into the hair and beauty realm.

After putting their full focus into the growth of The Beauty Click, working tirelessly to put into action the many ideas they’ve had and continue to envision, as well as being full time parents. It hasn’t been an easy journey so far but has been both exciting and inspiring, they are passionate and dedicated to the success of the company and are proud of the entrepreneurs they have become.

A lot of the values of the business are to help parents get into flexible work by providing training and then to assist with a customer base, the Beauty Click has proved to be perfect for this. Also, to provide a solution for not just parents, but for everybody in this hectic world that we live in to keep up with regular self-care appointments or to allow for that cheeky pamper session.

The Beauty Click is in a league of its own when it comes to Beauty on demand services. We do not set our prices, our members set their own. This means customers have a choice of the amount they are able or wanting to spend on treatments. We do not push out those that have a lower budget and we also have high end members that use exclusive products and have a higher price range.

We pride ourselves in catering to the needs of all, including you!

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