Certified Kanban System Design – KMP I

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Certified Kanban System Design – KMP I


Learn to truly master Kanban

This highly interactive course delivers an in-depth, 360 degree understanding of Kanban. It will challenge you, expand your horizons and equip you with a mastery of Kanban’s underlying theory and problem-solving practical applications.

The online or in-person course covers in depth the Kanban Method, Kanban practices, the underlying theory of Kanban, and the values and principles that underpin it. A combination of interactive exercises, practical real-life examples, and lively discussion make this a challenging, engaging and enjoyable way to develop your understanding of Kanban. The course also provides you with the skills and practice to design your own Kanban system and you will experience a fully immersive Kanban simulation.

Why choose The Agile Mindset?

Our training has a depth and a power that inspires and changes you. Our trainers are some of the most experienced in the world and have rich insights into the changing world of work and a passion for transforming teams and organisations. They are able to bring your training alive by revealing its true power – helping you unleash your own potential as well as the potential of those you work with.

In addition you benefit from: –

  • Delivery of virtual courses that have been designed from the ground up for virtual delivery using best practice tried and tested techniques to provide an engaging and compelling virtual experience
  • Maximum class size of 12 delegates for virtual courses to ensure our attendees have the highest quality learning experience possible
  • Shorter training days which are vitally important when training in a virtual manner that enhance your learning experience and increase your knowledge retention
  • Highly respected and one of the longest serving Kanban Trainers with decades of experience delivering high-quality Kanban training and implementing and coaching Kanban in the real world

Why this course?

  • Learn The Kanban Method – The most popular Kanban framework
  • Become certified in Kanban System Design
  • Gain the most recognised and in demand Kanban certification from employers and recruiters
  • Begin your journey to Certified Kanban Management Professional and Certified Kanban Coach and Kanban Coaching Professional

What you’ll come away with

You’ll come away understanding Kanban in real depth. You won’t just know how to use it, you’ll understand how and why it works – and how to apply it highly effectively. In other words, this course will equip you with the knowledge and experience to be a genuinely effective Kanban practitioner and leader.

You’ll be able to:

  • Explain what Kanban is to key stakeholders
  • Explain why and how Kanban works
  • Lead or guide a team in their adoption of Kanban - from initial visualisation and the design of Kanban systems through to leading evolutionary change
  • Design Kanban systems
  • Answer questions and support the team in day to day operations
  • Help the teams identify and resolve hindrances to flow
  • Take measurements and create meaningful metrics
  • Evolve process and practice according to team needs; in a meaningful way
  • Implement Kanban in real world circumstances
  • Define and use the full range of techniques
  • Deliver a successful Kanban project
  • Connect with the Kanban community for the sharing of practical experiences

What the course includes

  • High quality instruction from Tom Reynolds a highly experienced trainer who has over 30 years’ experience in software development and many years experience of training Kanban and very importantly implementing Kanban in the real world
  • Course materials and for virtual courses access to our on-line learning platform and Mural boards post course
  • Kanban University certificate of course completion
  • Fulfilment of the Kanban Management Professional KMP I requirement
  • Membership of the Kanban University
  • A free electronic copy of David Anderson’s “Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business” book worth £45
  • Membership of our alumni community where you can receive help and support from our coaches and fellow alumni
  • One hour of free personal/life coaching post course worth £80
  • Loyalty discount for future courses
  • Loyalty discount for personal/life coaching
  • 14 Category B Professional Development Units (PDUs) can be claimed for this course
  • 16 Scrum Education Units (SEU’s) can be claimed for this course
  • For in-person public courses refreshments, before and during the course including lunch

What topics are covered?

  1. Kanban Introduction
    1. What is Kanban
    2. Principles of the Kanban Method
    3. Service Delivery
    4. Kanban Core Practices
  2. Identify Work Items
    1. Demand analysis
    2. Kanban cards
  3. Value Streams
    1. What is a value stream
    2. Mapping the knowledge discovery process through value stream mapping
  4. Kanban Boards
    1. The relationship between a Kanban Board and the value stream
    2. Setting up and using a Kanban Board
    3. Different options for Kanban Boards
    4. Queues and buffers
  5. Limit Work In Progress (WIP)
    1. Queuing Theory – Little’s Law
    2. Why Limit WIP
    3. Where to Apply WIP Limits
  6. Make Management Policies Explicit
    1. Kanban Policies
    2. Classes of Service
    3. Cost of delay
  7. Measuring and Managing Flow
    1. Cumulative Flow Diagrams
    2. How to Measure Lead Time
    3. How to Measure WIP
    4. How to Measure Delivery Rate
    5. How to Measure Cycle Time
    6. How to Measure Flow
    7. Control chart
    8. Lead time distribution chart
  8. Sources of variability
    1. Sources of dissatisfaction
    2. The impact of variability
    3. Techniques and strategies for removing variability
  9. Kanban Cadences
    1. Kanban Meeting
    2. Replenishment and commitment
    3. Delivery planning
    4. Flow review
  10. Apply your learning
    1. Team based realistic simulation of a Kanban system in practice
  11. Kanban in your organisation (STATIK)
    1. The context for change
    2. The steps required to build a Kanban system
    3. Apply a Kanban system to your organisation

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is useful for anyone who wants to be successful using Kanban within their organisation, or anyone who works with teams utilising Kanban. As such, it will benefit anyone who is involved in using Kanban or considering using Kanban. It will be helpful both to those new to Kanban and those who have explored Kanban but now want to consolidate their knowledge in a practical setting. In terms of roles, the course is suitable for Product, Project and Programme Managers, Development Team Members (including but not limited to Architects, Designers, Developers, Testers), Business Analysts and Scrum Product Owners and ScrumMasters who want to enhance their Lean / Agile skillset. Attending the course as a full team offers a real opportunity for the entire team to experience and learn Kanban together and creates an excellent foundation for them to move forward.

Are there any pre-requisites for this course?

There are no prerequisites for the course, however students are expected to complete the required pre-course reading.

How should you prepare for this course?

The Kanban University website provides a great deal of useful Kanban resources. Specifically, the following are recommended as introductory material for those new to Kanban: About Kanban

What about exams and certifications?

This course has been accredited by David J Anderson (creator of the Kanban method) and the Kanban University. Students taking a Kanban University accredited course will be eligible to become members of the Kanban University. To read about the benefits and learn more, visit the websiteKanban University. Certificates issued by the Kanban University for this course will show that the training was delivered by The Agile Mindset with Tom Reynolds as the trainer.

What people say about the course

“Thank you Tom, the training was very insightful and engaging. Plus your skill and experience is impressive, you brought real authenticity”Mark White

"This course is jam packed full of excellent discussions, exercises and practical examples. An excellent courseJason Nickels

"This course has been a real eye opener and I'm now keen to see how many of my work processes can be managed better using the techniques I've learned"Tanya Phillips

“Tom is a very knowledgeable instructor and really helps disambiguate and clarify topics. Our Kanban process is about to get a lot more sophisticated and informative”Bren Vaughan

"Exceptional experience and depth of knowledge. Really brought relevant examples to our situation and context"Hass Jishi

“Tom is very engaging and clear, thoroughly enjoyed the training from start to finish”Claire Barks


  • Delivered Online

  • Beginner level

About Tom Reynolds

Tom Reynolds
Tom Reynolds

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We work throughout the UK and Europe and have worked in many locations throughout the world.

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