English Proficiency Adventure (Intermediate Level)

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English Proficiency Adventure (Intermediate Level)


English Proficiency Adventure (Intermediate Level)

    In this thrilling learning adventure, you will enhance your English language skills. You will visit different zones, watch animated videos, play a variety of games and enjoy every minute of your learning journey.


    The course is perfect for language learners (pre-intermediate and intermediate levels) who want to enhance their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. The course is also helpful for expanding learners’ vocabulary and enhancing their fluency and accuracy in speaking and writing. The course is appropriate for young and adult learners.


    • Vocabulary Jungle
    • Grammar Arena
    • Magic Kingdom
    • Theme Park

    Course Access: 2 months

Course Completion Certificate: Upon passing all checkpoints – The certificate is issued by TEFL Wonderland in Canada (E-Certificate with Verification Number and QR Code)


Why TEFL Wonderland:

  • Worldwide Accreditation
  • Gamified Adventures
  • Animated Videos
  • Interactive Practice
  • Personalized Tutor Support
  • Learner Community
  • Audios for all written text
  • Video Scripts
  • 100% Online


  • On-Demand Course

  • All levels

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TEFL Wonderland - Brilliant Minds
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