Conflict Resolution in Educational Institutions

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Conflict Resolution in Educational Institutions


Conflict Resolution in Educational Institutions

In educational institutions, conflicts can arise among students, between students and teachers, between teachers, and between administrators and staff. In this enjoyable TEFL Wonderland adventure, you will enhance your ability to identify, manage, and resolve conflicts in various settings. You will also learn effective strategies for creating an inclusive learning environment and promoting positive relationships.


The course targets any professional who wants to enhance their ability to manage teams through identifying and resolving conflicts.

Main Points:

  1. Understanding the Types of Conflicts
  2. Building and Managing Teams
  3. The Role of Effective Communication in Avoiding and Resolving Conflicts
  4. Negotiation Skills for Conflict Resolution
  5. Collaborative Problem-Solving, Compromising and Competing
  6. Cultural Competence

Number of hours: 15 hours

Number of territories: 2 territories

Number of checkpoints: 2 checkpoints

Course access: 60 Days

Passing the Course: Passing the 2 checkpoints and completing the course evaluation

Certificate: E-Certificate with Verification Number and QR Code

Why TEFL Wonderland:

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