Emotional Intelligence Profile & Exploration Session

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Emotional Intelligence Profile & Exploration Session


Learn to understand those around you, and become aware of your own strengths and weaknesses to build meaningful relationships through EI

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a defining factor in shaping the success of individuals and businesses.

When your thoughts, feelings and behaviours are in hand; you have self-awareness, can manage emotions, demonstrate empathy and build effective relationships - you should be safe in the knowledge that you will achieve your goals!

Where once Emotional Intelligence was considered a "nice to have" soft skill, it is now recognised as a core skill in the workplace. 

Our licensed and accredited practitioners understand this fundamental shift in the future of work and how the interplay of psychology and behavioural science – the ‘Human Element’ – underpins all aspects of an individual’s potential into effective and sustainable performance.

What you get with this offer

  • You will complete an online Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire
  • A personalised Emotional Intelligence profile report showing your strengths, and potential areas to focus on including tips and suggestion development options. 
  • A 60-minute coaching exploration session with a licensed coach.

Once your order is complete, you will receive an email notification with confirmation details of how to access your questionnaire along with an opportunity to propose dates that suit you for the exploration session. 

This offer is facilitated by licensed and accredited practitioners with practical business experience.


  • Delivered Online

  • All levels

  • 1 hour

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