DEI Masterclass - Bringing The DEI Playbook To Life!

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DEI Masterclass - Bringing The DEI Playbook To Life!

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January 2024
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This masterclass is designed to provide a practical application of the content that is covered within The DEI Playbook including:

  • A deep dive into the six steps of the DEI framework 
    1. DEI Strategy
    2. Leadership commitment
    3. Recruitment and hiring of diverse talent
    4. inclusive performance management
    5. equitable and inclusive organisational culture
    6. marketplace and community impact
  • Measuring DEI using a scorecard
  • ISO audit - how to prepare for and conduct it
  • The success factors of inclusive culture change 
  • Project management techniques and best practice
  • A change communications toolkit

Who is this learning for?

  • Diversity and inclusion leads and practitioners
  • HR professionals tasked with diversity and inclusion within their remit
  • Managers and leaders looking to develop an inclusive culture

What type of learning is this?

  • Small group learning allows lots of time to focus on the 'doing' as well as on learning
  • Global cohorts so there is a greater opportunity to learn in a cross-cultural context
  • Action learning so you can ask questions, engage with others and get feedback in the moment
  • Facilitated as an in-person event but also available as a virtual offer

What will this do for you?

You won’t have to continue to rely on hope and luck as a strategy to achieve success. We will work on all the aspects that are introduced in The DEI Playbook to:

  • Give you the tools to help you make the most effective decisions
  • Show how you can implement changes that are long-lasting
  • Provide practical guidance and support x1 individual support and implementation session (more sessions can be added for a bonus fee after the main event)

This solution is developed by licensed and accredited practitioners with practical business experience.

On completion, a certificate of attendance will be issued to all participants towards CPD (Continuous Professional Development).


  • Delivered Online or In-Person

  • All levels

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