Communication III: Higher Intermediate

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Communication III:  Higher Intermediate


Upper-intermediat Level.   Learn the  Communication Skills you need for communication using all 4 Skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing in  REAL, natural  English.  This course is for you if you need learn how to communicate naturally to communicate in conversations and also how to use English in everyday situations.   You learn REAL English, not "textbook English."   In class, you understand the English from video and images, so you listen to and use only English 100% of the time.  This way, it's EASY, and you learn FASTER.  

The course runs in blocks of 6 weeks, with Block 1 running  November-December. and again in  January-February.   


The fee is for one fixed 6 Week Block and for one oline session   per week and  one fixed time slot per day/evening.   

Classes are not made up if missed.

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About Scotland Study Centre (SSC)

Scotland Study Centre (SSC)
Scotland Study Centre (SSC)
Scotland Study Centre (SSC) is an Online Language school with a REAL difference. at SSC, you don't learn "textbook English." and you don't learn the traditional grammar that you can't use in real communication. You learn the REAL grammar you need to communicate in REAL English. Your teacher is a very highly qualified and experienced teacher, and the SSC courses can take you from Beginner level all the way up to REAL Proficiency in English. At the higher levels, SSC specialises in English for Specific Purposes, and you can choose to study English for Academic Purposes, Business Purposes, Employability, or for your own Academic of Business/Work specialisation, including for the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language. The more Advanced Level courses take you beyond the "Intermediate Plateau" and train you in the Language Techniques and Skills you need to reach the highest levels of Proficiency in English. The 'Teacher Training for English Teachers' course trains both experienced and novice teachers in the non-traditional approach to English teaching developed and used at SSC. This approach is based in Systemic -Functional Linguistics and teaches you how to teach REAL English as it used in Real-Life contexts. With SSC's non-traditional approach, you learn by INTERACTING with your teacher throughout the lesson, and there is an INTEGRATED SELF-STUDY program that allows you to continue learning between class sessions. SSC does not just teach the language; it teaches YOU and the specific English YOU need to succeed in your everyday lives and in your Academic and Business careers.
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