2nd Higher Education Women's Leadership Workshop

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2nd Higher Education Women's Leadership Workshop
2nd Higher Education Women's Leadership Workshop
2nd Higher Education Women's Leadership Workshop
2nd Higher Education Women's Leadership Workshop
2nd Higher Education Women's Leadership Workshop
2nd Higher Education Women's Leadership Workshop
2nd Higher Education Women's Leadership Workshop
2nd Higher Education Women's Leadership Workshop
2nd Higher Education Women's Leadership Workshop
2nd Higher Education Women's Leadership Workshop


2nd Higher Education Women's Leadership Workshop


Leading With Resilience Into The Future

A day dedicated to helping you discover more about who you are as a leader and explore how to take the next step in your career. The program offers the opportunity for participants to engage with the Resilient Leaders Elements (RLE) tool aimed at supporting them to lead with resilience through uncertainty and change. RLE includes a self-assessment mapping report, 360 feedback, and a virtual coach with the option to also measure progress towards your goals.

Pre & Post Workshop

Pre-workshop mapping, 360 feedback, virtual coaching, and post-workshop mapping:

  • Resilient Leaders Elements tool
  • Mapping Report
  • 360 feedback
  • Strengths Engine
  • Challenge Engine (virtual coaching)
  • The measure of progress towards goals (longitudinal measures)

Topic 1

Clarity of direction: Goal mapping session:

  • What are your goals and aspirations?

Topic 2


  • Explore your Resilient Leader profile

Topic 3 

Panel discussion with questions from the audience include:

Prof. Moira Whyte

Sir John Crofton Professor of Respiratory Medicine

University of Edinburgh

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 Dr. Karen Birch       

Executive Dean & Professor of Exercise Science       

University of Leeds

course image

Dr. Catherine Donovan

Professor of Sociology and Head of Department

Durham University

course image

Professor Alyce Mahon MA, PhD

Head of Department - Modern and Contemporary Art

Cambridge University 
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Topic 4 

Awareness Continued:
  • Gain ‘presence’ through building confidence and self-belief.                             
  • Understand your ‘career brand’. 
  • Identify your key competencies, strengths and potential
    derailers as a leader. 
  • Why is this important to you now?                              

Topic 5

Leadership Presence:

  • High-level communication, influence, and negotiation.
  • The coaching leader that enables high performance.
Topic 6

Leading through change with resilience:

  • Establish your goals for leadership progression
  • Create a personal leadership plan    

Group Rate Discounts

Group rates are now "on request" due to numbers not exceeding the cap of 30 for this session. 

Please get in touch with support@ownyoursuccess.co.uk if you wish to obtain a group rate quote. 

Panel Discussion Snippet:

📎 What motivates you in the workplace?


  • Delivered Online

  • All levels

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want one of the group deals?

    We have two group rates which you can take advantage of depending on the size of the group you wish to book:

    Option 1️⃣

    Groups between 2 & 3 are eligible for the 7% Discount. Please use this code at checkout: GROUP 2+ 

    Option 2️⃣

    For groups of over 4+ attendees, the eligible discount is 20%.  
    Please use this code at checkout: GROUP 4+ 

  • Who should attend this event/who is it aimed at?

    This event is aimed at Academics who are looking to advance their career and learn, network and grow in a capped size workshop environment. 

    Below are some of the job titles of delegates that will be attending:                                                                  

    • Research Director
    • Lecturer
    • Professors
    • Senior lecturer
    • Associate Professors 
    • Any academic that wants to learn and advance their career in an intimate and capped environment.

  • Where is this event being held?

     The workshop is being held Virtually via zoom. You will get your Zoom link sent out 48-hours prior to the event date. 

  • When will I get my zoom link?

    The zoom link will be provided 48-hours prior to the event.

  • What's the start and finish time?

    The workshop will start at 9 AM - followed by a quick registration then commencing at 9:30 sharp. The event will finish approx. 5 PM.

  • How do I register?

    You can register via the above booking link or if you are having any issues or difficulty booking please email support@ownyoursuccess.co.uk and someone in the team will contact you as soon as possible if we are provided with a Booking contact, name, phone number and email. 

  • Can I register more than 1 person?

    Yes, you can register as many people as you like. 

    Should you wish to discuss group rates, please contact support@ownyoursuccess.co.uk to receive a group rate quote.

  • How do I pay?

    Via invoice or Credit card/corporate card or BACS.

  • When will I receive confirmation of my registration?

    You will receive confirmation of the booking immediately if you pay via card. If you pay via invoice, then the booking contact will receive confirmation. 

    If there is more than 1+ attendee and you pay via invoice, the booking contact will receive confirmation and invoice for payment. 

    Once the booking has been received, all attendees will then receive the confirmation details. 

    Should you require assistance, please, call or email us. 

  • How do I obtain a certificate of attendance?

    We will email your certificate of attendance post-workshop completion. 

    Please email support@ownyoursuccess.co.uk if you do not receive your certificate of attendance within 7-business days post-workshop completion. 

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Please see the terms and conditions section on our website or you can click here > T&Cs

  • How do I set you up as a new supplier?

    Please email the form we need to complete to support@ownyoursuccess.co.uk. Please note that this can take up to 72-business hours to complete. If this falls under a discount end date, please raise this in your email to us and we will hold seats off until the "New supplier" form is complete for 5-business days, after 5-business days the seats will be removed and placed back into the marketplace. 

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