Becoming Comfortable with Screen Time

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Becoming Comfortable with Screen Time
Becoming Comfortable with Screen Time


Ever wondered what might happen if you allowed your child unlimited access to screens? You know it is a choice in line with a self directed education but there are also so many concerns and research that tells you that it would be irresponsible and damaging to remove those restrictions.

This webinar sets out the rational, reasoning, and benefits, of embracing screen time within self directed education. On the other side of uncertainty, you could find something special, a world of possibilities and the removal of conflict and stress within your home.

Dr Naomi Fisher: Clinical psychologist, author and parent to two self directed young people, and Heidi Steel: Qualified teacher, unschooling advocate, and parent to four always unschooled children.

This audio session is part of our You Can't Teach Me Anything Package. 

You Can't Teach Me Anything is a complete course that delves deep into facilitating learning when your child has a strong need for autonomy but is available to purchase in segments at your convenience.  

  • This is part of Stage Two: From Doing Nothing to Doing Anything of a six part course to embracing Self-Directed Learning for your child.
  • A Selection of individual presentations, activities, audio and webinars are available at each stage.
  • Understand the evidence based theories that support a Self Directed Educational philosophy
  • Consider the interaction between Self Directed Education and your child's neurology
  • Challenge your own thoughts and beliefs about school, enabling you to move from fear to joy.
  • Redefine socialisation and how to foster healthy relationship with peers and others.
  • Explore the practicalities of your ever changing role in facilitating your child's growth, development and learning
  • Discover the hallmarks of a flourishing home learning environment.  

Stage Two also includes:

  • From Doing Nothing to Doing Anything, Core Session  


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About Nurturing Neurodiversity

Nurturing Neurodiversity
Nurturing Neurodiversity

Naomi and Heidi provide webinars and courses for families and professionals working alongside children with additional needs. They bring together their professional backgrounds in clinical psychology and education with their own life experience to offer compassionate programmes. 

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