Bronze | 10:00 Sun 17 Sep 23 | 9-weeks | Mainstream

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Bronze | 10:00 Sun 17 Sep 23 | 9-weeks | Mainstream


Bronze is for dogs that are older than 6 months and have already completed Puppies or Beginners. 

Please have a look at the FAQ section of this course before emailing your questions, as the answer may be there and save you time. If you do email us, please do it from the Cademy system and please be patient with us as we are a non-profit organisation and are staffed by volunteers, we will do our best to process it asap.

We are excited to offer a 9-week mainstream training workshop to NDTC members.

BEGINNERS WORKSHOP gcdspuppy.pdf (with an introduction on the first week, without your dog)
BRONZE WORKSHOP gcdsbronze.pdf
SILVER WORKSHOP gcdssilver.pdf (it is recommended to have passed the KCGCDS Bronze award)
GOLD WORKSHOP gcdsgold.pdf (it is recommended to have passed the KCGCDS Silver award)

At the end of the 9-week workshop, the member has the opportunity to take the Kennel
Club Good Citizen Bronze/Silver/Gold Award Assessment, with an invited Kennel Club registered assessor.

Each week the group will cover some of the elements of the workshop.

At the beginning of each week's session, there will be a recap on the previous week’s content to see how the practice at home went and any questions and queries.

Each workshop will have a group of 6 handlers (and dogs) with one instructor.
Payment is taken when booking the class, and each workshop will run for at least 30 minutes.

The workshops are normally run at the following times:
Wednesday: BEGINNERS 19:15hrs BRONZE 19:15hrs, SILVER 20:00hrs, GOLD 20:00hrs 
Sunday: BEGINNERS 10:00hrs, BRONZE 10:00hrs, BRONZE 11:00hrs, SILVER 11:00hrs, GOLD 11:00hrs

We are not able to accept dogs with serious behavioural problems. Owners of such dogs are
recommended to contact a dog trainer/behaviourist for one-to-one assessment/training before coming to the club environment, please talk to us, and we will recommend one.  

Please download and read the KC Good Citizen DESCRIPTION OF EXERCISES


  • Delivered In-Person

  • Intermediate level

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does my puppy/dog need to be vaccinated

    It is highly recomanded to vaccinate all puppies/dogs to reduce the risk of infection.

  • How many handlers/dogs are in a class

    The standard for each session is a group of 6 handlers (and dogs) with 1 instructor.

  • Do I/we need to be a member to join this class

    Yes everyone on the NDTC grounds must be a member for insurance reason. 

  • What types of collars are leads are allowed?

    We recommend a standard flat collar and clip-on lead.
    Retractable leads are not recommended for training.
    Slip leads are allowed if used correctly, slip leads are normally used for Gundogs.
    We do not allow choker or prong collars unless there is a good reason, please talk to one of the instructors before joining a class.

  • Can I cancel my class/course booking

    Before your course starts:
    A single or multi-day course purchase (e.g. puppies/mainstream 9-week course) can be cancelled up to 14 days in advance of the start of the course without any penalty.

    After your course has started: 
    For a multi-day course purchase, you can request a refund by contacting the section head, for their contact details please see
    There are no refunds after the second week of a 9-week course unless there are special circumstances.

  • Can I cancel my membership

    Membership cannot be cancelled unless there are special circumstances. As a non-profit organisation, we have to cover the cost of setting up/cancelling the membership.

    You can request a refund by contacting the section head, for their contact details please see

    There are no refunds if you have attended any course/s during the active period of the membership.

  • Any many puppies/dogs can I bring to a class?

    You can bring as many puppies/dogs to a class, as long as it is one dog to one handler.
    when you book the class: Ticket selection, general addmission, purchase one ticket per dog.

  • Can I join a workshop that has already started

    Yes, you can join at any time as long as there availability.

  • Do you allow children - Kids policy - how old do my children need to train their puppy/dog at NTDC

    We allow children of appropriate ages* to train their puppy/dog
    Under 16 years of age need a parent or guardian present at the club.  
    The child can train their puppy/dog on the field and the parent can watch from the clubhouse.
    * appropriate age: The child must be able to handle the size and temperament of the puppy or dog they are training. 

  • Class cancellation, what happens if my class is cancelled

    If a class needs to be cancelled due to bad weather, too hot, too cold, floods or other, NDTC reserve the right to cancel one session to ensure our dogs well being, every effort will be made to make up for the lost time during the remaining sessions, which could mean a class could be 45 mins instead of 30 minutes on some sessions. 

    If a second session needs to be cancelled during the same course, please email the section e.g. or etc, stating the date and the name of your course, and requesting you £3.00 cash back, then bring that email with you the next time you are at the club and we will refund you in cash.  

  • Do we have waiting list? - Yes

    We do have a waiting list feature, but it is down to the section head if the waiting list is enabled. If you put your name on the waiting list and a member cancels or reschedules, you will be notified via email. Cancellations are not very common. 

    Please note, if anyone cancels a booking, the system automatically relists the space. 

    Please check the NDTC Cademy site regularly. 

  • Can my partner or family join me for training

    Yes, you can all join in on the training ground, if you have the right membership level, Single = 1 person, Joint = 2 persons, Family = up to 6 persons from the same address.  Memberships can be upgraded. Children are allowed on the training ground with their parents. 

  • Puppies: What sort of things are covered in the puppy/junior course

    The training is based on the KG puppy foundation (

    Each week the group will cover separate elements including:

    🗓 Week 1 - Introduction talk
    a. Did you receive the Welcome to Nuneaton Dog Training Club letter (
    b. Short Insight into the club.
    c. Check the FB page for any closures, e.g. back weather etc 
    d. Please don’t let your puppy jump all over other puppies.
    e. Keep gates closed at all-time
    f. Toilets/fire assemble point.
    g. Poo bag / Poo bins
    h. Keeping dogs on leads, unless asked by an instructor
    i. Other sections, Agility, Flyball, Scent, Gundog – Mainstream Instruction.
    j. Reminder to fill out their puppy diary after each session
    k. Q&A

    🗓 Week 2 - 9 Covering: ID tag | treats and how to use them | Watch command | Food manner | Handling puppies | Loose lead walking | sit, down and stand | Play | Jumping & nipping | Response to name | Puppy recalls | Short stay | Play with toy | Leave command with toy | Stay 10-sec | Approach another puppy | Loose lead walking | Socialising | play with puppy |  Noise distraction | Loose lead walking amongst a group with puppies | Play with toy | Two finishes | Q&A ref puppy problems | Responsibility and Care | Puppy play |

    🗓 Week 9 - Puppy Foundation Diary - certificates - Rosette | Moving on to Mainstream


Old Hinckley Road, CV10 0A, United Kingdom, Nuneaton

About Nuneaton Dog Training Club

Nuneaton Dog Training Club
Nuneaton Dog Training Club
Nuneaton Dog Training Club is run by a dedicated group of volunteers who between them have collectively accumulated a lot of experience training all kinds of dogs and has been helping the local community for over 60 years. From problem dogs to Pedigree pooches, NDTC has someone who can advise you how to get the very best out of your dog.
The Club aims specifically not to train the dogs, but to instruct handlers in the training of their own dogs to levels of behaviour and obedience required.
Fundamentals of Patience, Kindness, Firmness and Persistence are carried through all training classes to help ensure both dog and owner achieve desired results with a consistent approach throughout.
With regularly scheduled classes to suit all levels of ability, from young puppy to mature dog, NDTC can offer you and your dog every opportunity to attain the standards you so desire.
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