Chester Photography - A private Tour-on-the-Wall and photographic teach-in

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Chester Photography - A private Tour-on-the-Wall and photographic teach-in


Let us privately guide you, photographically and scenically, around Chester to take the best photos of this historic Medieval City. The City walls are the longest, oldest and most complete city walls in the UK and make for an unbroken, elevated tour of the beautiful, photogenic City of Chester. 

Our photographic tour of Chester will give you an opportunity to learn more about your camera while making some lasting memories of your trip. We’ll teach you technique on the go while we walk the walls and make stops on the way to dive into the City itself to capture some of the beauty inside the walls.

Along the way, we will take in sights from the River Dee to the ancient Chester Rows, from the Victorian Eastgate Clock to Chester Cathedral.

The important stuff

The tours are 3 hours in length and cost £180 per person. Feel free to add up to 3 extra friends or family for only £85 per person.

Tours run at 9am and 1pm, weekdays and weekends.


  • Delivered In-Person

  • Delivered at your location

  • All levels

  • 3 hours

About Paul Chapman

Paul Chapman
Paul Chapman

Based in North West England, Paul Chapman established Noodle Photography in 2013 and cut his teeth on providing photography workshops. The courses became a staple of his work and the basis of setting up North West School of Photography for photography courses. 

He became one of the leading photographers and videographers for international schools and educational establishments in Singapore. He has a background in multimedia production, working in London for over 20 years and prior to that, studied and trained in media, communications and photography.

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