Free online MS Awareness training

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Free online MS Awareness training


Are you a community based professional? Do you or your team support people living with multiple sclerosis (MS)? Are you a support worker or home care worker? Do you work in health or social care? Do you work for a charity or voluntary organisation supporting people with a disability?

We are hosting free MS awareness training sessions for you. Simply choose a date and book now.

Why does your team need this MS awareness session?

Did you know that MS is the most common disabling neurological condition in working aged adults? It is estimated that over 130,000 people in the UK live with MS.

As well as having the potential to affect physical ability and mobility, balance, strength and coordination there are also many invisible symptoms such as fatigue, issues with bladder, bowel or cognition. MS can impact on aspects of daily living, employment, activities, relationships and overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Combine all these social, physical, and mental health factors and it highlights why people with MS may need support from supportive community-based organisations and services and their employers.

We know that professionals such as social care workers, housing workers, health services staff or other voluntary community and social enterprise sector workers play a key role in supporting wellbeing outcomes for their communities. MS-UK want to share our knowledge to help you increase your understanding of MS and the support available to the MS community.

The hour long training session will cover

  1. What is MS?
  2. Myths and preconceptions
  3. Symptoms that may impact on wellbeing
  4. A lived experience of MS
  5. Symptom management tips
  6. The kind of support that people with MS may need on their MS journey

All MS-UK’s work is driven by our values and includes the voices of people living with MS. This session will be delivered by a member of our team in partnership with a volunteer with lived experience.

This training session will provide participants with a better understanding of how they can support people on their MS journey. They will have more knowledge of the condition and specific resources (both online and in the community) that will be useful for anyone supporting a person with MS.

‘This was fabulous training – probably one of the best sessions that I have been on in ages.’
‘Really helpful, thanks – more practical and informative than my Speech and Language Therapy training at University’
‘It was really useful to understand more about MS and quell many of the misconceptions that are around the condition. It was great to have someone with lived experience sharing the information with us’


  • Delivered Online

  • Beginner level

About MS-UK

MS-UK is a national charity formed in 1993. We are here for people affected by multiple sclerosis – that’s around 130,000 people in the UK or one in every 500, with about 130 people diagnosed every week on average. The overall number of people living with multiple sclerosis worldwide is estimated to be 2.3 million. MS-UK is here for anyone affected by multiple sclerosis, to empower them to live healthier and happier lives by improving the understanding of MS and providing support where it is needed most.
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