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Chaplaincy Today 7pm


On this 4-week online course, we explore together what it means to be a chaplain in a Christian context, where it can be done, why it is done and why it works.  This is an opportunity to ask questions, find out more, explore possibilities for yourself.  You can either sign up individually or the course can be tailored for a particular church or group.  The course is open to anyone of any Christian denomination, whether they are just curious about chaplaincy or feel drawn to chaplaincy, whether they are lay or ordained.

There is a small charge for this course - please discuss this if it is a problem.  All are welcome.  The course is currently being run via Zoom and each session is about 1.5 hours.   

There are two sessions each week at 1pm and 7pm.  They are the same session.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I swap between the 1pm and 7pm sessions?

    Yes you can, although it is good to build a rapport with the people in your session.

  • What if the £30 fee is prohibitive?

    Please contact and we can discuss this.

  • Is this just a Christian chaplaincy course?

    MitE Chaplaincy ( are the providers and they are a Christian organisation.  We welcome friends from other faiths.

  • Does it matter that I am already a chaplain or have never done chaplaincy before?

    No!  We welcome everyone.  This is a very basic introduction to chaplaincy, but if you have experiences to chare you are very welcome.

    If you have never done chaplaincy this is a safe and easy space to ask lots of questions.

  • Does it matter what denomination I am from?

    Not at all!  We are an ecumenical group!

About MitE Chaplaincy

MitE Chaplaincy
MitE Chaplaincy

MitE is an ecumenical provider of Christian chaplaincy to the workplace.  We are based in Liverpool with chaplains in Liverpool, St Helens and Warrington.  We provide retail chaplaincy as well as chaplaincy to Merseyside Police, YMCA and Liverpool Airport.  We provide bespoke chaplaincy training packages to churches and other organisations.  These are both online and face-to-face.  Contact us for more details 

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