Introduction to Mindfulness | Getting Started | Single sessions

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 Introduction to Mindfulness | Getting Started | Single sessions


Getting Started – A Practical Introduction to Mindfulness. – delivered online via zoom

A 10-week rolling program introducing mindfulness. There are 10 sessions with distinct content and it’s fine to join at any point. Getting Started operates on a drop-in basis, so if you miss a session you can cover the content next time it comes around.

The sessions are interactive to support learning from each other's experiences. We, therefore, request that participants turn their cameras and microphone on for the sessions. Participants will be muted during meditations to reduce distractions.

Getting Started is just that- an accessible introduction to mindfulness, providing a practical guide to building it into everyday life.

Each session will cover a different aspect of Mindfulness and will include:

Discussion about one of the foundational attitudes of mindfulness

Each week focuses on a different foundation of building a mindfulness practice starting with Intention and then the nine foundational attitudes of mindfulness: Beginners Mind; Non-Judgement; Gratitude; Acceptance; Non-Striving; Letting Go; Generosity; Patience and Trust.

The science which backs it up and how it applies to our lives.


Guided mindfulness practices

These form the backbone of each session because practice promotes presence


Suggestions and tips for practicing in the context of our daily life


The opportunity to ask questions


An info sheet emailed to participants after each Getting Started session

Session Topics:

1 | Intention – 20th October 2022

2 | Beginners Mind – 27th October 2022

3 | Non-judgement – 3rd November 2022

4 | Gratitude – 10th November 2022

5 | Acceptance – 17th November 2022

6 | Non-striving – 24th November 2022

7 | Letting Go – 1st December 2022

8 | Generosity – 8th December 2022

9 | Patience – 15th December 2022

10 | Trust – 22nd December 2022


  • Delivered Online

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Mark Sidney
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