Level 2 Accredited Assistant Life Mechanic Training

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Level 2 Accredited Assistant Life Mechanic Training


What you'll learn

  • Understand the role of The Life Garage in relation to other wellbeing works available.
  • Demonstrate the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to facilitate use of The Life Garage as an Assistant Life Mechanic.
  • Appreciate the differences between guidance, therapy and the coaching foundation to The Life Garage.
  • Critically apply the concepts covered to your own practice as an Assistant Life Mechanic.

This course includes:

  • 1 hour on-demand video
  • 1 practice test
  • 50 articles
  • 15 downloadable resources
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion

Course content

8 sections • 75 lectures • 1h 20m total length

  • Preview02:37
  • Accelerate your learning00:30

  • Preview03:09
  • Section overview00:23
  • Who's the mechanic?00:14
  • Question break00:05
  • Fixer or understander?01:09
  • Question break00:05
  • Workshop familiarisation - Part 105:01
  • Becoming your own life mechanic01:15
  • The flourishing self00:40
  • Relational living00:41
  • Workshop familiarisation - Part 203:46
  • Changing habits00:39
  • Practical hopefulness00:32
  • Growth for life00:28
  • Question break00:06

  • Preview01:19
  • Section overview00:19
  • The ACE coaching model01:44
  • The ACE coaching model (notes)00:52
  • Question break00:05
  • Coaching, mentoring and counselling01:43
  • Coaching, mentoring and counselling (notes)00:51
  • Differences between approaches01:42
  • Differences between approaches (notes)00:46
  • Question break00:05
  • End of section quiz5 questions

  • Preview01:04
  • Section overview00:18
  • Active listening06:02
  • Active listening (notes)02:00
  • Question break00:12
  • Active listening starters01:05
  • Active listening starters (notes)00:27
  • Question break00:03
  • Non-judgemental questioning01:17
  • Non-judgemental questioning (notes)00:34
  • Question break00:06
  • Non-judgemental questioning starters01:01
  • Non-judgemental questioning starters (notes)00:25
  • Question break00:04
  • End of section quiz4 questions

  • Preview01:05
  • Section overview00:22
  • Working with groups01:14
  • Working with groups (notes)00:34
  • Question break00:02
  • Personal disclosure04:37
  • Personal disclosure (notes)00:14
  • Disclosure and risk of harm (notes)01:11
  • Question break00:05
  • Disclosing personal information (notes)01:07
  • Question break00:05
  • Shared reflections and ideas02:33
  • Shared reflections and ideas (notes)01:13
  • Question break00:04
  • End of section quiz4 questions

  • Preview01:05
  • Section overview00:20
  • Group boundaries02:36
  • Group boundaries (notes)01:15
  • Question break00:05
  • Group life and identity03:11
  • Group life and identity (notes)00:20
  • Question break00:06
  • End of section quiz4 questions

  • Preview01:17
  • Section overview00:22
  • Perfection, performance, and proficiency01:29
  • Perfection, performance, and proficiency (notes)00:47
  • Self-care and self-expectations01:14
  • Self-care and self-expectations (notes)00:39
  • Question break00:06
  • Confidentiality and unloading01:41
  • Confidentiality and unloading (notes)00:57
  • Question break00:05
  • End of section quiz3 questions

  • End of course assessment20 questions
  • Congratulations and accreditation01:30
  • Guidance for registering your accreditation00:58


  • No prior experience required, just an open mind and a willingness to putting your learning in to practice. You will explore everything you need to know.


Our Level 2 Accredited Assistant Life Mechanic Training has been designed to support individuals, community groups and organisations to make best use of our free to access Life Garage resources. The course will provide participants with familiarisation with the content and its intention. It will also cover the skills and tools participants need to engage others with the materials in an effective and ethical manner.

Whilst anyone can access and use The Life Garage free of charge, we have developed our Level 2 Accredited Assistant Life Mechanic Training to ensure a consistent, theoretically grounded, approach for those who want to use the materials with other people.

Our training comprises self-guided study sessions, all with questions to develop the participants knowledge and skills. These sessions explore coaching as a fundamental approach to being an Assistant Life Mechanic, communication skills, working with groups and self-care.

We have partnered with the Institute for Training and Occupational Learning (iTOL), to offer our Assistant Life Mechanic Training as a Level 2 accredited course. iTOL is an independent professional body with an expertise in external benchmarking, validation, and accreditation of occupational courses.

This course has been mapped and benchmarked at Level 2 of the UK learning levels descriptors. Level 2 courses are designed to provide learners with a basic level of knowledge and understanding of a subject to equip them to undertake a variety of tasks.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is intended for those who want to learn how to best use our free course, The Life Garage, with others.


  • On-Demand course

  • Beginner level

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