Effective Leadership Development

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Effective Leadership Development


Everyone has what it takes to become an effective leader, but first you must learn the skills needed to succeed in a position of responsibility. Our program will help people nurture the talent within and allow managers to lead confidently.

Sometimes, working longer hours isn’t the right approach, as you risk burning out and abandoning the task at hand. Instead, effective leadership teaches you how to organise your workload, practice better time management and learn the power of delegation.

This is an 8-module programme that covers the following subjects:

1. Successful Leaders Are Made – Not Born

Building on the Base of Success

The Slight Edge

The Purpose of Leadership Development

The Definition of Success

2. Improving Results Through Better Time Management

The Value of Time

Managing Your Time

Managing the Time of Others

Maximising Time Use

The Benefits of Time Management

3. Exercising Authority Effectively

The Source of Authority

A Positive Approach to Discipline

Planning, Preparing and Preventing


Taking Corrective Action

“Tell Me About It” Coaching Process

Handling More Serious Problems

4. The Art Of Delegation

What is Effective Delegation?

Attitudes for Delegation

Levels of Delegation

Feedback on Performance

Upward Delegation

5. Effective Communication Is A Leadership Essential

Communication Really is a ‘Two Way Street’

Communicators are Made Not Born

Understanding Yourself

What Motivates People

Attitudes for Improving Communication Skills

The True Value of Downward Communication

Overcoming Communication Barriers

6. Motivating People To Produce

Integrated Personality

Understanding Motivation

Traditional Methods of Motivation

Attitude Motivation

Using the Power of Informal Groups

Developing a Motivation Plan                                                                       

7. Preventing And Solving Problems

An Ounce of Prevention

Attitudes for Problem Prevention

Separating Organisational and Personal Problems

Productive Handling of Problems Involving People

Dealing With Irrational Behaviour

8. Developing People’s Potential

The Key to Increased Productivity

Training and Developing the Right People

The Benefits of Training and Developing People

Principles of Learning

The Development and Training Process

The Manager and the Bottom Line


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Throughout the course of the program, you will be taught the importance of devoting time to high-payoff activities and how trusting colleagues with non-urgent tasks can be beneficial to your business.

The participants can expect to:

  • Nurture the leadership talent within
  • Learn how to manage their time
  • Understand the importance of planning and preparation
  • Clarify the best approach to corrective action
  • Learn how to handle serious person issues
  • Become better at delegating work
  • Communicate clearly with colleagues
  • Understand the importance of motivating staff
  • Learn how to lead by example
  • Overcome organisational and personal problems
  • Develop potential through training

Training Course Content

Effective Leadership Development delivered in 8 lessons

  • Successful leaders
  • Time flies
  • Effective authority
  • Personal responsibility
  • Essential communication
  • Motivating people
  • Solving problems
  • Developing potential

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